Proud of Me!

Act One  Scene One


How were rehearsals?  


Amazing, Mother.  You won't believe what happened today!  The cutest boy in school-  


Let me stop you right there.  Do I look like I care?  Now, when you're home from rehearsals, you will get started on dinner right away.  Do you understand? I said do you understand?  


Yes, ma'am  


If only you could see

How you unintentionally hurt me  

Though you're cruel  

I wish you knew what it was to love

It's something I'm praying for to the above  

Don't you see

How you hurt me?

If only you could see

But it's too much to ask

Just another task  

I'm but something on your list

If only you could see

How that hurts me

It's something I pray for to the above  

To teach you how to love


I thought I smelled burnt chicken.  


Nothing is burned, Mother.


You know if you spent half the time cooking that you do singing, you'd be a rather good housekeeper.  You do want to get married one day, don't you?  




Well? If you do, I'd start taking your responsibilities  a little more seriously around here. Now hurry up and serve the food. I've got people coming over to celebrate Lily's graduation!   

Violet serves the guest


Would anyone care for appetizers? I made them myself.   

Guest 1

What an obedient little girl you've got there, Helen!  You must be so proud!  


Yes, well-  (Shoos for Violet to get back into the kitchen)  

Guest 2

Delicious! Why your daughter has a talent for cooking!




Don't be silly

Collapse )

Scary Green Eyes


Amelia's phone buzzes

Amelia: Hello? Oh, hey.  It's been a long time.  No, I'm not busy.   I'm dealing with drama.  Yeah, it's my sister again.   You live four hours away from me. I'll be fine. Thanks, bro.  

The next day Amelia corners Sophie.

Amelia: Where are you going?

Sophie: To work?

Amelia:  You're hungover. Do you think that would be a good impression on your boss?

Sophie rolls her eyes.

Amelia: Don't roll your eyes at me. We need to talk about your drinking.

Scary Green Eyes


Amelia: Maybe don't choose vodka over your sisters?

Emily: Yeah, all you care about, and you wonder why I won't speak to you!

Sophie:  Stop being mean to me! You have no idea why I drink!

Emily: I don't want to hear it.  You made your bed. Now you have to lie in it.

Emily runs out, and Amelia runs after her.

Emily:  I'm sorry, but I can't deal with her anymore.  Are you going to lecture me, too?

Amelia: I'm not our mother.

Emily: Call or text me anytime.

Sophie: Mia, where did Em go?

Amelia: Home

Sophie:  Why?

Amelia: Because of you! You don't know how not to pick up a bottle, do you?

Sophie: Okay.  Whatever

Amelia: Don't okay, whatever me.   You want your relationship back with your sisters, but you're destroying it all by yourself!

Amelia goes into her room and slams the door.

Just My Luck: Season Finale


Evalynn: A divorce?

Mom: Sweetheart, we know this is hard.

Evalynn: This is why you've been sneaking around? Because you didn't want me to find you two don't love each other anymore?

Dad: Slow down there, sweetheart. Let's talk about this.

Evalynn: No, I don't want to talk about this.

Evalynn runs out of the house.

Just My Luck: Episode#2

Evalynn: Mom, Dad? I'm home from school.

Mom: We're in the kitchen.

Evalynn: Um, what's going on?

Dad: We're having a family meeting.  

Evalynn:  But- we only have those if it's something serious.

Mom: You can say this is serious.

Dad:  Before we go any further, we want you to know we both love you very much.

Mom: That's right, and this is no one's fault/

Evalynn: Mom? Dad?

Dad: We're getting a divorce.

Just My Luck



Mom? Dad?

Evalynn goes downstairs to find a note on the kitchen table.   


Of course. It was too much to hope. Wasn't it? It would be nice for once if they were home for breakfast.  Guess I'll grab a pop tart.

Evalynn's phone rings. It's from her best friend, Denver

Denver: Hey, Eva.  Need a ride? I'm not sure I like the idea of you walking.

Evalynn:  It's broad daylight.

Denver: Creepy things happen in the daylight, too.

Evalynn:  Weido. I swear.  You do this on purpose.

Denver: Do what on purpose?

Evalynn: Scare me into accepting rides from you.

Denver: Who me? I wouldn't do that.

Evalynn: We both know you're not innocent.  ;)

The Night Witch: 3

"Th- there's always a way out."

“Not this time, love.  You're mine now, and I'm going to have so much fun with you.”

“Stay.  Stay away from me,”

The witch laughed.   "Or else what? It's not any like you have any powers to destroy me. So as I said, you're stuck here with me. Poor Paisley made the wrong choice, and now she's trapped in a dangerous situation.  You should have been smarter."

"First, I have a brain. Now I don't.  Which is it?"

"I know what you're doing.  You're trying to distract me and let me tell you. It's not going to work."

The Night Witch: 2

“Come closer, Paisley.”

“How- how do you know my name?”

“I know everything there is to know about you. Now, stay.  Stay for dinner.”

"Yeah, right. Do you think I'm stupid? I know that I'm your dinner."

The witch grinned.    “Ah, someone with a brain finally. And I bet your brain is tasty.”

“Eew.  I'm out of here.”

"Not so fast, dearie.  You're stuck here, I'm afraid."

Delightful Encounters

"Miss Pinewood, may I see you in my office?"

Maeve Pinewood could feel her heart beating.  She didn't know what was about to come, and she wasn't sure she wanted to find out.  You see, Maeve worked for a computer where she cleaned inboxes for a living.  Some people were just too lazy to clean out their inboxes on their own or didn't have the time to sort through thousands of emails.


"Yes, come in, Miss Pinewood. I wanted to see how you're settling with Amir and Omar."

“Fine, sir. “

"They both tell me you're doing exceptionally well.  I know cleaning inboxes can be rather tedious, but you seem to be settling in well, which is why I called you here. How are you at fixing computers?"

“I'm okay, sir.”

"Excellent.  Today, you're going to shadow me, so I can show you the ropes of fixing the computers.  Are you okay with this, Miss Pinewood?"

"Yes, sir."

“You don't have to call me, sir, though.”

“Mr. Blanks?”

“Mr. Blanks is my father. Please call me Tommy.”

Maeve smiled.