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[sticky post] Heart of a Cane

My name is Leigh and I have a bad knee. No, I am not a poet. I just like to rhyme sometimes. My dad always says that's a waste of time. Okay, okay. I'm getting off topic. I blew out my knee playing basketball and I'm writing this story in my journal as I'm waiting for the doctor to come out and see me.  My dad looks over at me shakes his head.  

He's never really approved of my passion for writing. He thinks it's a ridiculous dream, but I am determined to somehow and someway to prove him wrong.  "Leigh Harper?" Someone calls.  I gather my things and follow the nurse and my dad back to the office.  

"How's it looking, doc?" My dad asks. He likes to pretend to be concerned, but all he really cares about is me playing basketball and I don't have the heart to tell him that I hate basketball. Don't get me wrong.. I'm good at it. I just don't like it. I'm not boasting. I'm just informing you of my skills.   

"I'm sorry, Leigh, but it looks like you won't be playing basketball anytime soon. Your knee still hasn't healed." My dad looks disappointed, but I'm secretly relieved. Once we get home and tell my mom what happened, she suggests that I use the old cane in the closet.  

"I'll be the laughing stock of the school then," I say, hoping that this will be the end of the conversation, but it's not.  

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Proud of Me!

Act One  Scene One


How were rehearsals?  


Amazing, Mother.  You won't believe what happened today!  The cutest boy in school-  


Let me stop you right there.  Do I look like I care?  Now, when you're home from rehearsals, you will get started on dinner right away.  Do you understand? I said do you underhand?  


Yes, ma'am  


If only you could see

How you unintentionally hurt me  

Though you're cruel  

I wish you knew what it was to love

It's something I'm praying for to the above  

Don't you see

How you hurt me?

If only you could see

But it's too much to ask

Just another task  

I'm but something on your list

If only you could see

How that hurts me

It's something I pray for to the above  

To teach you how to love


I thought I smelled burnt chicken.  


Nothing is burned, Mother.


You know if you spent half the time cooking that you do singing, you'd be a rather good housekeeper.  You do want to get married one day, don't you?  




Well? If you do, I'd start taking your responsibilities  a little more seriously around here. Now hurry up and serve the food. I've got people coming over to celebrate Lily's graduation!   

Violet servers the guest


Would anyone care for appetizers? I made them myself.   

Guest 1

What an obedient little girl you've got there, Helen!  You must be so proud!  


Yes, well-  (Shoos for Violet to get back into the kitchen)  

Guest 2

Delicious! Why your daughter has a talent for cooking!




Don't be silly

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The Powerful Five

June 30th 

When Ian opened the door to Shawn Paul, Melody tried her best to hide her surprise. Without hesitation, Shawn Paul struck Ian with his lighting.   "Ian! No!"  

 Melody tried to run to him, but Shawn Paul stood in her way.    "The first time, he only pretended to be dead, but this time he really is.   Now, you and I have some unfinished business.  Surprised to see me, Melody?"    When Melody didn't answer, Shawn Paul yanked her witch necklace off her neck.   "You'll get this back when you've learned your manners.  It's customary to respond to someone when they've asked you a question! Cruiser, get down here! Take her to the dungeon with the others. Make sure they're quiet. If I hear any of their annoying voices, I'll put an end to them myself, and make sure to destroy that necklace!"   

   "As you wish, Sire," Cruise pushed Melody into the dungeon.    "Winter, tie her up.  Refuse all you want, but you know what will happen if you do," Cruiser warned her.  Giving Melody an apologetic look, Winter tied her up.  

    The guy that was in there with them looked familiar to Melody.  She knew him! Not personally, but from Jeanie's photos.   "Tiger Kurtz?"  Melody asked skeptically.  It couldn't possibly be true, could it?  

  “In the flesh,” Tiger grinned at her.

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The Powerful Five

May 31st

Grim called everyone to the kitchen at 7:00 am.   Ian rubbed his eyes groggily.  He was surprised to open them to Kent sitting at the end of the table.  

  "Um. Grim.  What is Kent doing here? Not that I'm not happy to see you, Headmaster," Ian bowed.  Grim rolled his eyes, but Melody was sure his lips were curving into a smile. What a nice smile it was Melody thought.     

"For crying out loud, Ian. He's  the Headmaster of a school, not a king."  Kent pretended to be hurt by his brother's comment.   "Who said I wasn't a king?"  Kent teased. Everyone laughed.  Grim waited for everyone to finish joking around before speaking further.   "Kent is here because he's going to complete the team.  Without Collin, we are no longer The Powerful Five.   With my brother's wisdom, he can guide us through these horrible days.  He's not here to replace Collin. If that's what you're thinking, Melody.  Melody, I've decided to reinstate your advisor position. However, you will be Kent's advisor and only Kent's advisor."  

"Yes, Your Leadership," Melody mumbled. Kent stole a glance at Melody.  Melody put her head down to keep Kent from seeing her blush.   "Does anyone have any questions now?" Grim asked before sitting down to eat.   "Yes, I have one.  Do we call you Kent? Headmaster?  It's a bit awkward also since you are Jeanie's boyfriend."  Ian said.   

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Act One Scene One

Int. A very well known actor is standing in his living room, watching the news. It's a news report of a girl that has gone missing.  


I know that girl! Her name is Lucinda!

News anchor:

Lucinda Rayes has been missing since last Thursday sources say.  


When is the last time you had contact with her?


Last Thursday. I signed an autograph for her. I specifically remember that.   


Okay.  Did she seem anxious or anything?


No, she was very calm.   


Is this girl an actress as well?


No, she's a retired fantasy author.  


Then I should be able to find some info on her.


Why are you helping me?


Because you're my brother. Why are you intent on helping a complete stranger?


I don't know. There was just something about her the day I met her.  There was something in her eyes. I don't know if was honesty, sadness or just tiredness. I was intrigued by her the first moment I met her.  


Then I'm going to help you.


Are you two going on about that missing girl? Look, if you want my advice, I say drop it. Someone will eventually find her.  

Trey's Flashback to meeting Lucinda

Int. At a meet and greet


(Looks up stunned)

I'm sorry. I can't stop staring. I'm just so- starstruck...  



If anyone should be starstruck, it should be me.  You're my favorite Broadway actor.  


And you, Ma'am, are my favorite author.   


Lucy, come on. We're going to be late! We don't have time for you to stand here and flirt!  


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I look up from my script I'm working on in my writing class to see Jayce smiling over at me, so I smile back. When I first met him in August, I thought he was mocking me, but it turns out he was genuinely smiling at me.    

Once the instructor dismisses us for the day and the summer. Jayce catches up to me.  “Bowling tonight?”

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The Wisher (Rewrite)

October 31st  

The buzzing alarm clock startled Melody Marks out of her sleep at 6:00 am.  It was her first day of being an advisor to the Headmaster of the wishing school, Kenton "Kent" Lincoln. Melody was excited, but also nervous.

“Good morning, Advisor. Big day for you," Belinda said bitterly. Melody sighed. She knew she was going to have to deal with this sooner or later.  "What is your problem with me being advisor? I don't get it. You're Power Granter. That's a very high honor as well... So tell me, what's your problem, Belinda? It's not just with me being advisor, is it? Your problem is with me in general?"

“Do you want to know what my problem is?  I know you're going to screw this up and if Kent had any brains in his head, he would be thinking twice before offering you the position."

“You would love for me to screw up this opportunity. That's exactly what you want, isn't it?"
"Why would I want that?"

“ So you could get back into Kent's good graces. Or maybe you're jealous that Kent gave me the position, and not you!"
"If you think you have anything to be jealous of, Melody, I've got news for you... You're sorely and sadly mistaken," Belinda said before turning on her heels.  

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Collab with my friends

“Blooming Maturity And Dying Flowers”  By: Evanthenerd83

“Pick one...” the little girl said and the grown woman stared at her.

It took her a minute to take it in. The pink eyes that shimmered underneath the flickering street lights. The white dress that fluttered in a gust of wind, revealing snow pale legs. She looked five. Maybe six. But the grown woman didn’t care about her age.

Because the little girl was staring back. Politely waiting.

“Um... okay,” the grown woman mumbled, quickly glancing at the selection of flowers.

There were three: a dandelion, a rose, and a white lily, in that order. Not that much of a selection. It wasn’t even an appealing selection. They looked like they had just been plucked out of the soil, dirt covering the girl’s fingers and dress. The rose still had its thorns and she didn’t like white lilies. So, that only left...

She pointed at the dandelion.

The little girl sighed and blew off its petals. They fluttered away on a gust of wind. Free and lifeless.

A single tear rolled down her cheek. It soon disappeared, seeping deep into her white skin. Which turned gray. Then black. Scales formed and broke apart. Cracks ran along her face and down her neck and down the rest of her body.

But the little girl didn’t scream as she crumbled away, arms falling to the ground and cracking into a million pebbles.

She smiled sadly at the grown woman.

“It’s finally time.” 

Everything You Never Knew About Vampires By: lordbitememan

Jon Book

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I interviewed my friend @Euclid_C_Dunmer

Q:Do you have a favorite narration of yours?

A: My favorite narration is either Nature’s temper’s rendition of fleshgait 

Q: If you weren’t a narrator, what would you be pursuing?  

A: Hmm, if I wasn’t a narrator I’d probably be in a not so good place lol. I don’t feel as if I have anything else I’m all that good at 

Q: What or who  inspired you to become a narrator?

A: For my inspiration, I would always listen to Creepypastas and they would often help me be less anxious, and it made me happy and escape from reality for a time. 

Q: What’s the most challenging part of being of being a narrator?

A: For challenges, I stutter a lot and my lack of self confidence gets in the way, I often think I’m not good enough,

QL Who are your favorite narrators?

A: Off the top of my head Naturestemper, Creeparoni, Dr. Creepen, and a whole bunch of others 

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?  

A: For spare time, Playing video games mainly 


I have an announcement I haven't really announced it on here yet...  

If you don't follow me on Twitter but follow me on her  LiveJournal entries here, I now have merch! I have tote bags, mugs, shirts and tanks tops of Melody and Kent, Jeanie and Grim and my Not So Judgmental characters! All thanks to my wonderful artist for her designs! 


You can also go to my profile and where it says website find teesprings.