creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Jewel Power

Belinda crossed her arms across her chest.   "Alright, the final phase has finally begun. Fighting villains.  Follow us, please?"  Belinda and Clover led everyone outside.   

"Today, myself Clover and Kent are all going to pretend to be villains.  Amethyst and Gemma, you will fight me and Clover. Jasper and Ruby, you will fight Kent. Good luck. Now, keeping in mind this is the same as fencing. Don't actually hurt someone, please."  

They fought for an hour and then stopped.   "Gather around, everyone, please. It looks as if Jasper and Ruby have won. Congratulations.  You have a place in the staff here at Enchanted."  

Jasper and I ran into each other's arms and before we knew it, we were kissing. Amethyst and Gemma looked away out of embarrassment and respect.   

Jasper put his arm around me and Amethyst put her arm around Gemma as we walked back to the cafeteria hall.   

Someone cleared their throat behind us.  We all came face to face with Lydia.   "Well, well.  So you're the people I'll have to fight. Care to show me?" Lydia smirked.  


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