creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

A Deep Love

On October 31.1985 Sammie Petals was born.  On December 28, 1988, and  Elizabeth "Lizzie" Darlings was born.  Their lives were very different.  Sammie had no one but her Nanny from the beginning while Lizzie always had her mother.   

It would be well into her teenage years before Sammie confided in her nanny about her sexual orientation and that she liked girls. Even as Sammie got old enough to where she didn't need a nanny they nanny stayed out.  Sadly, Nanny passed away when Sammie was just eighteen years old and had just graduated.  It wasn't long after that that Sammie moved out.  

It was then she met Lizzie. August 11, 2011, she proposed.  Dec 7, 2011, they married, but the marriage wasn't happy as they wanted everyone to believe.  In July of   2012, they filed for divorce.  It was finalized fourteen months later.  They went their separate ways,  That was until one date in 2013, they met again.    

They got remarried on St Patrick's day and divorced again in August. Again, they went their own separate ways until they randomly met in 2016.   They decided to date and on Valentine's day 2018 Sammie once again proposed.  They married on November 30, 2019.  And, yes, they have kids in between all of this, Daisy, 15, Lavender, 12, Lily,10, Aidan, 8 Cameron, 4 Emerson, 9 months old.   

Sammie carried Emerson on her hip as she was about to prepare dinner.   "What's for dinner, honey?"   Lizzie asked. Sammie smiled.   "I was thinking about making a pizza.  Can you feed Emerson, please?"  

"Of course.  You know, our anniversary is coming up.  So.. I was wondering if there was anything, in particular, you'd like for it."  

“I got everything I wanted and needed the day you came back into my life. The day we remarried.”

"Aww, aren't you sweet?"  They shared a passionate kiss before Daisy came running to the kitchen.     It was then that Lizzie noticed her black eye.     


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