creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Song of My Heart


I remember the day we met. We didn't get off to a great start. He didn't like me, and I was sure I was never going to like this guy.  His name was Billy.     

"Oh, it's the girl with the funny name. Magnolia, right?"  

Mercy,” I rolled my eyes.

Haha.  What an ugly name.”

I happen to like my name, thank you very much,”  I glared at him.  

He extended his hand, but I didn't take it.   "My name's Billy."  

"I know who you are, and if you ever cross me again, let's just say you're not going to like the Irish temper, you witness."  

"Oh, an Irish woman.  I quite like that."  

"You're a pig!  

Three weeks later   

"Elliot, get away from me."  

"Awe, come on. Don't you want a kiss from me? I am your boyfriend!"  

"That doesn't give you the right to touch me whenever you want. No means no, no matter what!"  

"Oh, stop being so dramatic."  


You think asking for consent i-”

Elliot pushed me against the wall. I was so scared, but then he was there.   

"Hey, you big lug! Can't you see she's uncomfortable with your advances? Leave her the hell alone, or I'll get the principal involved."  

It's over!” Elliot shouted as he ran away like a coward.

I ran into Billy's arms.   I don't know what caused me to do that, but he rescued me.   "Thank you," I sobbed into his chest as he stroked my hair.   

Present Day  

There was a knock on the door.   “Montana! What are you doing here?”

“Aren't you happy to see me?”

"Of course, I am."  

"Here, I thought we could work on the webcomic," Montana handed me her sketch pad.  

“Right now?"

"Is it a bad time?"

"It's not that... It's just that I haven't written anything in so long."  

"People miss you, Mercy.  Come here. Let me show you. See the comments?"  

Art van: Come back! Author, I need to know what happens between Lucy and Lino!  

EmilyMae:  Please don't be another year-long hiatus!  

Misty:  Guys, leave her alone.  The author is probably going through something horrible right now, and she doesn't need your added stress.  

“Whoa. I didn't think Song of My Heart would reach so many people!”

"Well, now you know it does.  What do you say we go work on it?"  

“I think not!”

"Mercy Alvarez!  You have schoolwork  to do, and Montana, you ought to be ashamed of yourself."  

"Ashamed of myself for encouraging your daughter's talent? Perhaps it's you, Mrs. Alvarez, who should be ashamed.  

“Excuse me?”


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