creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

A Deep Love

"Daisy, sweetie.  What happened to your eye?"  

“N-nothing. It's okay.  I'm fine.”


"Mama, it's fine. Really.  I'm okay, alright?"  

"This isn't over.  We're talking about this later, but for now, will you up decorate for your brother's birthday?"  

“Erm, sure.”

While Liz was busy with Daisy, Sammie decided to head out for a bit.   "How dare that vile person touch my daughter!"

 Sammie had never felt such rage before.  If only Daisy would open up to her, but Sammie knew that was never going to happen if she forced it.   

Not paying attention, Sammie stumbled, but someone caught her.   "Excuse my clumsiness-   It's not every day you get to catch a beautiful girl. I'm Poppy Fisher."

"Uh, sorry.  I'm married. I have to go.  Apologies!" Sammie ran off.  

“Huh? Was it something I said? No matter.  I'll have her falling for my charms in no time.”


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