creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Full Circle Magic

“Miss Perkins? Are you okay? You seem a little stressed.”

“I-um fine- just.. “

“Worried about Tiger?”

“Yeah, I guess a little.”

Collin and Flower watched as Tiger stormed off.   “Do you think we should go check on him?”

“Trust me.  I know Tiger, and it's better if we give him space.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.   Anyway, you look like you have something on your mind?”

"I- Flower...   When I made a fool of myself, you came to my rescue.  May I kiss you?"  

“I- wait.. why?”

“I like you.”

“I guess that would be okay.”

Collin pressed his forehead to Flower's and kissed her.  It was a long kiss.    

"About time, son." Kent smiled.     

“Dad? I brought-  

"Benson, is everything okay? Your face is red.   

“Dad, I need to talk to you. I know right now isn't the time to do this, but I have to tell you something.”

"Let's go chat in the kitchen, shall we? No one in there."   Kent poured his son a glass of orange juice and sat across from him.  

“I'm not sure how to tell you this, but...  I'm gay.”

“I know, son.”

“What? How?”

“A father just knows.” Kent ruffled his son's hair.  

“You're not disappointed?”

“Disappointed? I love you no matter what gender you like.  I'm proud of you.  Coming out isn't an easy thing to do.”

Kent hugged his son and smiled.    “Now tell me about this Jake lad?”


“What? Don't you like him?”

I am nothing like my father!”

Oh yeah? Then prove it, and leave me alone!”

Get any closer and.. “

You're hot when you're angry.”

Excuse me?”


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