creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Full Circle Magic

Benson rubbed his eyes.  He and Jake had stayed up late last night texting each other.  Benson was very fond of Jake, but the only problem was Jake's dad.  He sighed and got out of bed to join his brothers and dad at the breakfast table.

"I've invited Treasure over for lunch today," Kent announced as soon as Benson sat down.  Benson and his brothers shared a knowing look and grinned.    

"That's great, Dad!" Tiger exclaimed enthusiastically, but it seemed forced.   

"Look, I know she's not your mom, and no one will ever replace Melody in my heart or yours, but it's time for me to move on and get on with my life, right?  You boys are grown now.  Soon you'll all be married and out of the house."

"Dad, it's okay.  You don't need to explain anything to us," Benson tried to reassure his father just the way he reassured him when he came out to him.  Kent smiled at his youngest son.

After breakfast, Collin rushed off to see Flower, and Benson excuse himself to see Jake. He needed to see him, but just for a second, he decided to stay behind.  He knew it was wrong, but he was worried about Tiger, too.

"Don't you have any plans, son?" Kent asked Tiger.


Kent sighed.   "I've noticed how lonely you are, son, and don't say you're fine.  I know you're not.  Do you want to talk about it?"

"I miss Flower," Tiger admitted.

"I thought as much.   I think you're a remarkable young man.  Giving up your true love like that for her happiness."

"I wish that made me feel better, but it doesn't."

"I know, and I'm sorry."

Poor Tiger, Benson thought to himself.  If only there were a girl or guy I could set him up.  He looked down at his watch and hurried over to Jake's.    

Thankfully, Jake was already outside shoveling snow when he got there.   "Benson! I was hoping I'd get to see you," Jake tackled him to the ground.   

Jake's lips came crashing down on Benson's lips.   They shared a long before they heard someone clearing their throat behind them.

Oh no, this can't be happening, he thought.  He knew about Jake's father, Shawn Paul. How many deaths had he faked? How many times did he hurt his Aunt Jeanie, and now he was going to confront them?


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