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Thanksgiving had come and gone, and Olive never showed up at their spot that day.  She waited there an hour before realizing Olive wasn't going to meet her.  Frustrated, Syd got up from the bench and walked home.  As she was walking home, it started to snow.

Syd took out her phone and looked through her contacts.  It's times like these that she wished she had friends to contact, someone anyone to hang out with, but she had no one.  The only person she could ever rely on was Olive.

Not looking where she was going, she bumped into some girl.  Who reads and walks? Yeah, you're one to talk, Syd, she thought to herself.

"Oh my Gosh, I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention. Are you okay?"

 Her purple hair hung down her back, and she had sparkling brown eyes.  She wore a mini jean skirt and a tank top.  Wasn't she cold?

"Oh, no. That's okay.  I'm Aquarius," The girl said, holding out her hand to Syd.

"Aquarius?  Not to be rude, but your parents?"

Aquarius smiled. "Yes, what were they thinking, right?  I don't mind my name. It's unique, I think anyway.   My parents were into the zodiac signs."

"Were? You used the past tense."

"You're observant,"  Aquarius smiled.

"I guess I am. Hey, aren't you cold? May I buy you a hot chocolate?"

"If you insist."

"Oh, I do."


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