creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Jewel Power

Now that they we were back home for Christmas, I suggested me and Gemma make a Christmas dinner and invite Amethyst and Jasper over.  Of course, Gemma jumped at the chance to spend more time with her girlfriend.  It was nice seeing my sister happy again, and we were getting along, too.  

“When are you going to tell Mom about Amethyst?” I asked.

“When the time is right.”

“If you're worried she'll judge you, I don't think you'll have to worry-”

“Can we please not talk about this?”

I sighed.   "Fine, but before you know it, Mom is going to be back from vacation, and what if one day she catches you and Amethyst kissing?"

“I guess I'll have to explain it to her then, won't I? Look, can we cook and not worry about the future?”

I smiled, feeling a little hurt, but let it go.  

“Do you think Headmaster Kent and Treasure are ever going to get married?”  Gemma caught me off guard with that question.

“I often wondered that myself,”  Ruby admitted.

"I can't imagine losing the love of my life the way Kent lost Melody, but he's strong, isn't he? Wise, too, from what I hear."

“Do you ever wish you had met someone in a different timezone?” It was my turn to ask the question now.

"I guess so. Never gave it much thought," Gemma set the turkey on the table.  Amethyst and Jasper knocked on their door.    Ruby opened the door smiling at them.  

After dinner, we sat around the Christmas tree and exchanged gifts.  I had given Jasper a train set like the one he had when he was younger, and for her sister,  I gifted her all kinds of watercolors and paintbrushes.

"Ruby...  These look expensive."

“It's all worth it for you, sister,” I winked.   

Jasper gave me a bracelet with my name on it, and Amethyst gave Gemma snowflake earrings while Gemma gifted Amethyst about Ireland and Scotland.    

After exchanging gifts, we turned on a movie and fell asleep. I smiled. It had been a great Christmas even though I did miss our mother dearly.


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