creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Song of My Heart

After completing the panel, Mercy went to the kitchen to make two glasses of chocolate milk.  Her mother barely spoke to her.  Mercy sighed.  Why couldn't she be one of those encouraging mothers?  Mercy sat the cup of chocolate milk next to Montana.   "Thanks for helping me today. It helps me get my mind of a few things."

“Anything for you,” Montana smiled and stretched.  She checked her phone and let out a string of curses.   “I have to get home for dinner before my brothers have a cow,”  Montana rolled her eyes.   

"I'll see you next week, right?"

"Of course.  Your readers should be happy to have you back," Montana shut the door behind her, leaving Mercy to stare after her.  

Once Montana left, Mercy took out her journal and started writing.  She wrote well into the night, and before she knew it was time for her to go to sleep.   

Mercy woke up a little early and found a note on the kitchen table from her mother.     


I'll be home tomorrow.  I've left you breakfast in the microwave, and there's a little gift for you under the tree. :)



Sighing, Mercy took the breakfast out of the microwave and ate.   After breakfast, she went to the tree and held the small box.  Should I open it or do I wait? She supposed her mother wouldn't want her to open it now if she didn't tell her about, it right?

Nervously, she opened the box, and her mouth fell open.   There was no way she had a change of heart that quickly.   Her mother did this for her?

It was a key chain that said: "Author of Song of My Heart" with the music symbols and hearts all over it.

Touched, she put the key chain back in its box.  She could only hope her mother liked her gift.   Mercy wasn't much for drawing, but she loved to build things as well as I write.   So, for Christmas, she had made mother a birdhouse and painted it.


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