creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Stay Here, Don't Go

Marcia cleaned up Tucker's injuries.   "I'm so sorry," Marcia apologized profusely to her boyfriend.  Tucker took Marcia's face in her hands.    "That little wimp should be apologizing, not you.  You did nothing wrong, okay?  I'm not mad, baby."

Relieved, Marcia let him hold her.   “I've been thinking, and I don't think it's a good idea for you to keep going to the writing club,”

“What? Why?”

“Blake is a bad influence on you, Marcia.”

"No, he's not."

Tucker pushed Marcia off him and got in her face.   “Are you seriously defending this creep? Are you stupid?”

“Hey, that's not nice,” Marcia spoke gently.    

“Do you think I give a damn about being nice right now? You're going to quit the writing club.  Understand?”

“I'm going to do no such thing!”

Tucker pushed Marcia against the wall and pinned her arms to her side.    “You will listen to me.   I'm in charge here. “

Marcia looked away from Tucker and nodded.     “I'm sorry, baby.  I love you.  Please forgive me. It won't happen again.  Do you forgive me?”

"Yes, I forgive you, Tucker."

On  Christmas Eve, Tucker insisted that they open their gifts tonight.   Tucker had given Marcia a beautiful bracelet, and Marcia had given Tucker a guitar case.   

"Do you like Christmas gifts?"  Tucker asked as he cut the turkey.

“I do, thank you.  Do you like yours?”

“I do, yes.”

Marcia wanted to ask him again about the writing club, but she lost her nerve.   She wished she had Blake's number to have a friend.

After dinner, Marcia cleaned up.  Marcia was excited that she was going to get to see her family tomorrow.   On New Year's Day, she would try to talk to Tucker again about writing club.


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