creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

For the Love of Writing

Christmas had come and gone, but it was boring for Spring. She missed Trisha, and besides, she didn't have anyone to tell about that creepy phone call.   She gave Trisha space for a few weeks but then tried contacting her again, and still nothing.

Just as she was about to step outside, her phone rang.    "Hello?" Spring answered hesitantly and was relieved when it was Trisha on the other end/ "Trisha!  I've missed you! Can you come over? I have something I need to share with you."

"Sorry, I can't do tonight, but tomorrow?"  Trisha replied.  

“Thank you. I'd appreciate it.”

While on the phone, a text came through.

Hang up!  You belong to me now!

“Um, Trisha.  I'm sorry, but I have to go.”  Spring abruptly hung up.

You're obedient. I like that.

Spring: I'm blocking this number!

Go right ahead, but I'll find other ways to contact you.  You know that already, don't you? You're a smart girl, Spring.

Spring's heart nearly leaped out of her chest.  What was she going to do about this person?  She had to do something, but for now, she was going to write about her experience. She couldn't keep quiet about this.


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