creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Honest (Series finale)

Six Months Later

The hot June sun shone down on Aquarius and Syd.  Today it was Syd's birthday.    "I have something for you," Aquarius smiled, handing Syd a jewelry box.  When Syd opened it, she gasped.   "Aquarius, you shouldn't have.  It's beautiful.  I remember you telling me how much you love cherry blossom trees," she replied.

Syd wiped a tear from her eye and hugged Aquarius.  Someone cleared their throat behind them.   “Am I interrupting something?”  A familiar voice asked.

Olive?  Syd hadn't seen or heard anything from her in six months, and now.  Here she was, standing in front of them with her arms folded across her chest.

"I'll let you two talk,"  Aquarius winked at Syd.

"No, stay," Syd said, taking Aquarius's hand.   

“I wanted to give you this,”  Olive handed  Syd a journal of her writing.


“Happy birthday, Syd.  You have permission to with them what you want.  Goodbye, Olive.”

“Wait. Is this goodbye for good then?”

“I don't like saying goodbye, but you've moved on, and so have I.”

Syd nodded and hugged Olive.   

“Are you okay?” Aquarius asked Syd as they watched Olive walk away.

“Never better. Come on, let's go celebrate my birthday.”

Aquarius and Syd kissed.

Olive turned back to look and smiled.  

Even with a single tear slipping down her face, she was still happy for her friend.


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