creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Song of My Heart (Series finale)

Montana knocked on Mercy's door early in the morning.   “How was your Christmas?” Merci greeted her best friend but then stopped when she noticed her best friend didn't seem like herself.   “I have bad news, Mercy.”

“What is it?”

“My brothers.  They want to move.”

“You're leaving? Can't you stay and they go?”  Mercy whined.

"I wish.  I won't be able to work on Song of My Heart with you anymore, so I think you should look for a new artist."

“But I don't want a new one. I only want you!”

“Mercy, stop it. You're breaking my heart.”

“I guess I'll have no choice but to end the series. No one is as great as you, Montana.”

"You can't seriously be guilt-tripping me right now."

"If it comes across that way, I'm sorry.  That's not my intention.  I like your artwork better than anyone else's."

“You could learn to draw, you know,” Montana smiled sadly.

"Will you write or call?"

“I'm sorry, Mercy.  I'm leaving everything here behind me.”

“Including me?”

“Including you.”


“Goodbye, Mercy.”

Once Montana left, Mercy threw herself down on her bed and sobbed.   Her mother came into the room.

Without saying anything, she hugged her daughter.   "Let it out, darling. Let it out."

After an hour, her mother went downstairs to make tea.    

Five years later and Mercy learned how to draw.  She became a well known comic artist and writer in the five years that Montana was gone.  

She even made new friends.   Sometimes she wanted to contact Montana, but she didn't.

Once Montana had written to her, but Mercy never replied.  They went their separate ways, after all, Mercy thought.


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