creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Stay Here, Don't Go

Marcia brought up writing club to Tucker once more, but it didn't go over well. They screamed and yelled until they were both hoarse.   

The next day, Tucker was sick, so he didn't go to school.  Blake tapped Marcia on the shoulder.   "Are you going to writing club today?"

“Yeah, um. About that.  I quit.”

“What?!” What do you mean you quit?”

"I mean, I quit. What part of that is hard to understand?" Marcia rolled her eyes.

"Marcia," Blake said her name gently, so gently that it startled her.  "I need you to be honest with me, okay? Did- does Tucker have anything to with your decision to leave the club?"

“What? N- no, he doesn't.”

“You're lying. Do you know how I can tell? People don't usually stutter when they're telling the truth.”

“Everything's fine,” Marcia pushed past Blake and ran to her first class.

After school, Tucker felt better, so he made dinner for Marcia.  He waited for two hours.  When she didn't get home, Tucker started to panic.  He sent her a text.

Tucker: Where the hell are you?

Marcia:  Writing club.

Tucker: You are disobeying me!?

Marcia: I've had enough of you, Tucker.  We need to talk about this relationship.   

Tucker: Don't even think about breaking up with me, you little-  If I can't have you, no one else can.  Do I make myself clear?

Marcia froze, staring at the text.

"Marcia? Is everything okay? You look like you've just seen a ghost. What's the matter?"

“Nothing. I'm fine.”

Blake yanked the phone out of her head.  As he read the multiple messages, his face went pale.   "Come on.  We're going to the principal.  You can't keep[p living in fear like this."

"This is going to make everything worse, Blake."

"Marcia, are you scared of Tucker?

The tears spoke for Marcia. Blake didn't need to ask again.  All he could do was hug her and let her sob into his arms.


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