creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Underbed Witch (Series finale)

Cora tripped over an old broom.  Of course! That's it! She would use this broom to get out of here.  She began pounding on the closet door.

“Stop it!” Enchantress screeched.

Good.  It was getting under Enchantress's skin. Cora banged even louder on the closet door until she poked a hole through the closet door.  She crawled through just as Enchantress was about to grab it, and she was about to attack with the broom Cora found herself back in her room.  

Cora's father rushed to her.   “Cora! Cora! Where have you been?”

"Under-bed the father with a witch, father," Cora smiled at the confused look on her dad's face.


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