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Group Chat

Author's Note: My friends have given me permission to use their names and some things.  They have also suggested their own storylines.  They are purely fictional.  

There are eight of us, and we're all best friends.  In real-life best friends.  There is Gavin Tanner, Henry. Ben, Jimmy, Brandi, Kendall, and me, Meli.  We're all either in a relationship or married except for Henry.   

  Gavin and Tanner are married to each other.

 Ben and Jimmy are a married couple. They have three kids, Sabrina, Penn, and Blaine.  Seven, six, and four.  They have not celebrated their birthdays yet.  

  Gavin and Tanner have no kids but pets. They have fish, a bird, and one dog.  

 Brandi is married to a woman named Abigail, and yes, they have kids, too.  There are Lori, Louana, Langston, Ivory, and Grimshaw

. Yes,  all girls except for Grimshaw.

Brandi named Grimshaw after one of my characters.  Kendall named her daughter Lucinda after one of my characters in my play.

They are 16, 7,5, 4, and 2.

 Kendall has three children as well.  Bay, Barry, and Lucinda. They are 5, 4 and 1.

Ben and Jimmy's kids. Sabrina is in 2nd grade.  Penn is in 1st grade, and Blaine is in Pre K.   

Brandi and Abigail's kids  Lori is in 10th grade. Louana is in 1st grade. Langston is in Kindergarten, and Ivory is in Pre. K. Grimshaw is too young to go to school just now.

 Kendall's kids Bay is in kindergarten, and the other two don't go to school yet, but Barry will be going into Pre. K this August.

    Gavin, Ben, Henry, Kendall, and I all go to the same school.  Gavin and Ben's husbands don't go to school, but they work.  Kendall is in all of my Monday and Wednesday classes, and Gavin is in my Tuesday classes.

  I have Acting and Art with Ben and Henry on Mondays.  It's our second year of college. How exciting, right?

    Enough about the little details now.   My phone buzzed, and it was Kendall trying to get a hold of me.

Kendall: Are we still on for the group chat tonight?

Me: Oh, yes. Let's send out a massive text?

Kendall: Alright! We get to annoy everyone.

Me: Oh, Kendall. You're something else.

Kendall: LOL

Me: We need to solve this issue with Gavin and Henry, though, right?

Kendall:  You're the leader of the group. Do what you have to!

Me: Whatever! Seven o clock?

Kendall: Seven

Seven o clock rolled around, and I hopped on the group chat.  Henry is the first one to join and then everyone.

“Has the meeting started yet?” Kendall giggled.

"Please, Kendall. You're acting like a school girl!" I scolded her and then giggled, and soon we were all laughing.   "Joking aside, Gavin and Henry.  We must deal with this awkwardness between you two."

"Or we should just kick Henry out of our friend group?"

"No, Brandi.  We're not doing that.  Henry is our friend, too!" I said to her.

“Yes, but he did cheat on Gavin.”

“And treated him miserably,” Tanner spoke up.

Henry sighed.   “If you want me to leave, fine.  I'd rather have one good friend than fakes like you.  Gavin, I truly am sorry for way I treated you.”

"Henry, don't leave!"

“Let him go, Meli,” Brandi said.

Henry's older brother  Tom had gotten home a little late.   "What are you still doing up? Don't you have to work tomorrow?"

“I couldn't sleep.”

“Does this have anything to do with your break up?”

Henry shrugged.

"Hey, you can talk to me, you know?"

“Yeah, sure.”


“I hate that we're friends, alright? I hate knowing I screwed up and that some guy was lucky enough to call him his husband.  Is that what you wanted me to say?”

"It's a start.  You're finally starting to talk about your feelings. I care about you, little brother."

"You're the only one who does."

"That's not true. Meli cares doesn't, she? Otherwise. why else would she insist on staying friends with you?"

“To be nice? Who knows?”


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