creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

A Deep Love

Daisy came rushing in.   “Daisy, where's the fire?”  Lizzie yelled at her eldest daughter.

"Sorry, Mom.  I'm in a hurry.  Darla and I have a band rehearsal.

Sammie cleared her throat.   “Homework first.”

"But, Mama!"

"No, buts about it.  I want you to pass the tenth grade."

“What are you talking about?”

“I get straight A's now.”

“Not lately.  Your grades are going back to B's.”

"So? A B is good. Leave it alone."

Sammie struck Daisy across the face.

Lizzie pushed Sammie out of the way and back into her room.  “What the hell, Sammie?  What were you thinking?”

“You told me you wanted to be more assertive with the kids?!”

"That doesn't mean hit them or put pressure on them! I want you out of here."

“What? You can't throw me out!”

"Watch me! Leave now!"

"Fine, but if something happens to me, it's on your head," Sammie said before slamming the door shut.

"Mom, are you okay?"

“Daisy, go back in your room and call your friends.”

“I want to help.”

“Do me a favor, okay? Just be a kid.”

"Mom, I'm a teenager."

"You're still a kid to me. You shouldn't have to worry about your moms." Lizzie broke down and cried, and Daisy hugged her mom.

"You should go to Darla's and have fun, okay?"

“Sure thing, Mom.”

“Daisy! You're not paying attention!” Darla scolded her best friend.   


“Hey, what's going on?”

“My mom's got into a fight. Mom Lizzie kicked Mom Sammie out.”

"So, she finally did it, eh?"

“Can you keep a secret?”


"Sammie hit me today."


"She didn't mean it.  It was only once."

“Once is way too many. It shouldn't even happen once- oh my God.    You're lying, aren't you, and this has been going for a while, hasn't it?  Why hasn't Lizzie done anything?”

"She didn't know. That was for the first time she saw it. Please don't tell, Darla. She's under a lot of pressure."

“Why are you protecting her?”

“I'm not. It's my fault.”

"What? No. Come on. We're going to talk to Lizzie right now."


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