Dark Days Gone

“Well.  Speak?”

“How about you don't treat me like I'm a dog?” Martina snapped at her best friend, Rainbow.

“Who spit in your cheerios this morning?”

“Forget it, I'm fine.”

“Martie, I know you're not.  What's going on? You haven't been acting like you in the last few weeks?”

“I don't know. Something's changed me, Rain.”

"Instead of trying to push me away, talk about it, please."

Martina sat on Rainbow's bed.    "I'm pregnant."

"What? But you're a freshman in college."

"Thanks for reminding me."

“Have you told your parents yet?”

"I can't. I was hoping to be the first daughter who didn't get pregnant early and finished all my schooling."

"Your sisters all went to high school and college. You can, too."

"You're not going to be able to hide it forever, you know?"

“Yeah, I know.”

"Congrats, by the way.  You're going to be a great mother."

“Slow down. I didn't say I was going to keep the baby either.”


“I'm seriously thinking about adoption.”

“Martina.. are you sure?”

Martina shrugged.     “We need to go tell your parents right now. Come with me.”

“Rainbow! It's lovely to see you again.  Uh oh, honey.  I think Martina and Rainbow have something serious to tell us.”

“I'm pregnant,” Martina blurted out.


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