Find Me

After school and doing my homework, I log on to my computer to send a message to my other best friends Brett and Charlotte.  

Brett: What's going on with you and Martin?

Me:  He assumed I'd say yes to go to the winter dance with him!

Charlotte: Did you tell him how it made you feel?

Me: I did, but I'm pretty sure he's mad at me now.

Brett: Let him be mad. He'll get over it.  You two have always worked out your problems, and you'll work this one out.

Me: I hope you're right.  I should get off here now.  Mom and dad need my help.

Mom comes in to check on me with a basket of laundry.  Do you want to go to the basketball game tonight? Your brothers would love to have you cheering them on.  

“Yeah, I guess I should get out of the house.”

“You and Martin will work things out,” Mom says and smiles at me.


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