creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Master and I

Once Master left the room, I went searching for my phone. I don't know why I thought he'd make a mistake and leave it in here, but that's what he did.  

I sent Carson a text. I told him not to reply and then deleted it.  

Master didn't come back the rest of the night. I wondered if Carson would see my text.  I slipped my phone back in my back. I was going to try and do it. I was going to escape.   I knew he was keeping watch in the living room, but I also knew I had to try.  

I tried to crawl to the front door, but I heard a voice from behind me.  “What do you think you're doing? That' was a stupid thing to do. You are mine now.”

“I will never be yours!”

Maser grabbed me by my shirt.  "Keep testing my patience, and you won't like what happens next."

'”Let me go.” I yanked out of his grip, but he dragged me by my hair back to my room.    

"Because you were stupid, your privileges have been taken away from you, oh and give me that phone back, and don't play dumb with me."

I handed him the phone. He threw it and broke it.   


“Now, you have no safety net. You're stuck here with me. Forever.”


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