Just My Luck



Mom? Dad?

Evalynn goes downstairs to find a note on the kitchen table.   


Of course. It was too much to hope. Wasn't it? It would be nice for once if they were home for breakfast.  Guess I'll grab a pop tart.

Evalynn's phone rings. It's from her best friend, Denver

Denver: Hey, Eva.  Need a ride? I'm not sure I like the idea of you walking.

Evalynn:  It's broad daylight.

Denver: Creepy things happen in the daylight, too.

Evalynn:  Weido. I swear.  You do this on purpose.

Denver: Do what on purpose?

Evalynn: Scare me into accepting rides from you.

Denver: Who me? I wouldn't do that.

Evalynn: We both know you're not innocent.  ;)


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