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“Blooming Maturity And Dying Flowers”  By: Evanthenerd83

“Pick one...” the little girl said and the grown woman stared at her.

It took her a minute to take it in. The pink eyes that shimmered underneath the flickering street lights. The white dress that fluttered in a gust of wind, revealing snow pale legs. She looked five. Maybe six. But the grown woman didn’t care about her age.

Because the little girl was staring back. Politely waiting.

“Um... okay,” the grown woman mumbled, quickly glancing at the selection of flowers.

There were three: a dandelion, a rose, and a white lily, in that order. Not that much of a selection. It wasn’t even an appealing selection. They looked like they had just been plucked out of the soil, dirt covering the girl’s fingers and dress. The rose still had its thorns and she didn’t like white lilies. So, that only left...

She pointed at the dandelion.

The little girl sighed and blew off its petals. They fluttered away on a gust of wind. Free and lifeless.

A single tear rolled down her cheek. It soon disappeared, seeping deep into her white skin. Which turned gray. Then black. Scales formed and broke apart. Cracks ran along her face and down her neck and down the rest of her body.

But the little girl didn’t scream as she crumbled away, arms falling to the ground and cracking into a million pebbles.

She smiled sadly at the grown woman.

“It’s finally time.” 

Everything You Never Knew About Vampires By: lordbitememan

Jon Book

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