creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Magical Bead

I've got one magical bead

That can maybe tell me where this path will lead

I can hear a voice calling out to me  

How cautious do I actually have to be?

I've got a magical bead

And I'm not sure where this path will lead

Who's calling out to me?

Is it a witch?

A witch that haunts my dreams at night?

I hear the whispers in the sudden darkness

She grins and says, “I don't bite.”

She invites me in

But I look at my magical bead

I know now where this path can lead

The bead is now glowing

Her spells are flowing  

They are folowing just right  

She says again  I don't bite

I look at my magical bead

I've found the answer to where this path can lead

I tighten my grip on the magical bead  

Hoping that it can teleport me home

Smiling, she says,  "you're stuck here and all alone."  


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