creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Codename Episode #5 Season Finale

Lila walks into the door


Owen? Are you here?  

Someone jumps out and grabs Lila  

Lila screams  


How did you get in my house?  

Masked Man  

You may want to make sure your doors are  locked. You never know who could be lurking in your own home. Maybe now this will teach you a lesson


Christopher, stop it! This isn't funny and you're starting to scare me!  

Masked Man

I'm not Christopher!


Stop playing around!

Masked Man

You should know I'm not Christopher! You'd be able to recognize his voice, wouldn't you?  

Masked Man tackles Lila to the ground, they struggle.  In the middle of their struggle, the masked man opens the door trying to tumble Lila out of it  

Out of nowhere Harper jumps out of her hiding spot and kicks him out of the house, he rolls down the stairs

Lila screams and then runs over to Harper


But how?


I came here to warn you that someone doxxed you and when I got in here, I heard someone moving around. As soon I  knew it wasn't you, I hid!


Thank you. If you hadn't done that, I don't know what would have happened!  (They hug)

Masked Man opens his eyes

To be continued...  


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