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The Powerful Five: Series Finale

October 31st continued  

"I think it's time to accept the possibility that Grim just wanted to leave," Kent said. Jeanie put her hands on her hips and glared at Kent.   "No, Kent! I refuse to believe that.  He wouldn't leave us especially me. Also, why would he do that when you two have just started bonding as brothers again?" Jeanie asked.  

 "I hate to say it, but Jeanie has a point," Belinda spoke up.  Kent sighed. He knew what was about to happen. An argument  what they should do next was about to break out.   "Alright.  We'll go find him. Belinda, you go with Jeanie. Melody, you're with me."   "I have to say I'm impressed by your take-charge attitude," Melody complimented Kent as they headed outside.  

   "I mean, I wouldn't have been a good Headmaster if I didn't have one, right?" Kent smiled at Melody. It was amazing to Melody that his smile could still make her heart melt.   They walked silently for a while until Kent spoke again.  "I've been thinking,  I think we should get married on Thanksgiving." Melody looked up at Kent.  

   "I know what you're thinking, but I don't feel it's too soon. I feel that we've waited long enough. I want to marry you as soon as possible, Melody.  Only if you're okay with that."   

 "Kent, I want to marry you as soon as possible, too," Melody kissed his lips.  They called out for Grim for ages to no avail. Kent sank on a rock.   

"I can't help but feel like this is my fault, Melody. I keep replaying that argument Grim and I had in my head."   

"It wasn't your fault, Kent. You argued. Siblings argue." Melody rested her head on Kent's shoulder.  She was about to fall asleep when she heard the crunching of leaves.    "Did hear that?" Melody asked Kent.  

  "Help! Someone help us!"  

"It's Belinda and Jeanie.  Let's go."   When they got to them, they were shocked by what they saw.  Grim was pinned the ground by a truck.   "Oh my God."   Not thinking, Jeanie ran over to him.    She tried with all of her might to lift the car off him, but when that didn't wok, Melody tried to use if her poison would help.  

 "Nothing!" Jeanie was about to give up when Belinda tried lifting the car off Grim herself.   After a few moments of grunts, she was able to get the car off him while the others safely and carefully dragged him out from under the car.  

    "Belinda! That  was amazing!" Jeanie hugged Belinda much to her dismay.    "Did I just do that?"  Jeanie nodded.  "You saved Grim. Thank you. I owe you.  If he had been under there one more second, he would have died."       

 They took him to the hospital.   While Jeanie was inside of the room, the rest of the room waited in the waiting room for the doctor.  Kent tapped Belinda on her shoulder.    "Kent, you scared me. "  

 "Thank you for saving my brother's life.  I don't know what I would have done if I lost him.  You're a hero today, Belinda."    

"He would have done the same thing for me."   

Belinda opened her mouth to say something else, but before she get could any word out, the doctor greeted them.  

    "You go on. I want to talk to Belinda," Melody sent Kent into the room to speak to his brother.   "Ugh, please don'thank me. I can't take any more thanks. "  

"Okay.  I won't thank you.  I'll just ask you to be my maid of honor."  Belinda's mouth flew open. Before she knew it, she was hugging Melody.   

Melody laughed.   "I'm going to take that as yes.  We're getting married on Thanksgiving."  

  “I'm so happy for you. I have to tell you something.”

"I'm a lesbian. You're the first one I told because you're my best friend."  Melody squealed and hugged Belinda.   

Grim opened his eyes to Jeanie.   "Jeans?" Jeanie took Grim's hand. 

  "I thought I was going to lose you, Grim, but Belinda saved you. I wouldn't thank her though unless you want to get punched or something," Jeanie smiled.  

  "When that car pinned me to the ground, my life flashed right before my eyes.  I went back to when we first met.  This ordeal has made me think about something.    There's something I want to ask you."  

 “Okay,” Jeanie laughed nervously.

"Jeanie Elizabeth Powerful, will you make me the happiest man alive and be my wife?" Grim asked.  Jeanie was stunned for a few seconds.  

 "Yes! Oh, Grim, I love you!" Jeanie kissed his cheek.    

November 5th 

Grim set the table for breakfast.   

"Grim, let me do that. You shouldn't even be walking around right now anyway," Jeanie scolded him. Grim sighed and sat down.   After eating, Jeanie got a vision.   "We have a problem. Someone's drowning."  

  Melody jumped into the cold water to save them.  From there, they saved people disasters, carjacking, and robberies.      

   Just as they were about to call it a day, they heard a young boy's voice.    "You can have what you want just let me go."     

    "Let him go!" Grim shouted.  The woman holding the weapon to the boy's neck spun around to face them. It was Winter.  

 "Winter? Did Shawn Paul put you up to this?" Melody asked, stepping forward and carefully toward them.  

  "I do my own bidding.  Besides that, Shawn Paul isn't around anymore. I made sure of that. Now it's time for you all to say goodbye,"  

  Melody shot out poison in Winter, causing the boy to duck.  Winter collapsed, taking her final breath. Melody ran over to the boy.  "What's your name?"  

 “Spencer.  You just saved my life. Can I go home now?”

"Spencer! Where are you, honey? A woman's voice called out to her son.  After explaining to Spencer's mom about what just happened, Melody joined the team again.    

 "What do you think Winter meant when she said Shawn Paul's not around?"    "If I had to guess, I'd say he's dead."  


"No, look!" Belinda pointed to a tombstone that said.  Here lies Shawn Paul.  July 31 1980-Aug 7 2019.  

"I can't believe what I'm staring at."  Grim rubbed Jeanie's shoulder.    After a moment of silence, they all agreed to go background up home to eat.  

   When Grim tried to eat, he winced in pain.   

"You see? This is exactly why I didn't want you to go out there with us today, Grim! You're still recovering from your injuries!"  Jeanie shouted. Grim glared at her.   

  “Is this what it's going to be like when we're married?”  Without saying a word, Jeanie stormed out of the kitchen. Everyone else but Grim followed her out of the kitchen.   

    "Jeanie, what is Grim talking about? Why are we just finding out about this now?" Kent confronted her.  

   "I was going to tell you guys, but it just slipped my mind. That night in the hospital room, Grim proposed to me. I said yes."

     "You're not having second thoughts now, are you?" Belinda asked kindly.     

"Truthfully, I don't know." 

"It sounds like to me you just have cold feet," Melody tried to reassure her friend.  Jeanie just gave them a sad smile before excusing herself, saying she was tired.   

"I guess I'll go to bed, too," Melody kissed Kent before heading up.  Kent went back to the kitchen to try and talk to Grim.  

November 28th:  The Wedding  

Melody and Jeanie looked in the mirror as Belinda and Melody's mother brushed their hair.   Jeanie cleared her throat.  "So as awkward as this is Tiger is walking me down the aisle," Jeanie informed Melody.  


"I wish I was making it up, but I'm not.  He called me last night to give me his blessing and then asked if he could walk me down the aisle. I said yes, of course.  Melody giggled. shaking her head, forgetting that Belinda was brushing her hair.     

  "At least you're not a bridezilla," Belinda muttered under her breath. Melody smirked at Belinda's attitude. Yep, same old Belinda.   

  Once the music started, Melody and Jeanie were both walked down the aisle to their future husbands.  

    Melody was wearing a beautiful pink dress while Jeanie wore a white one.    "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join our friends in holy matrimony.  Before we begin, does anyone have any objection as to why these two couples should join hands in marriage?  Speak now or forever hold your peace. Very well then. We'll get on with the vows."    

"Melody and Kent, you will go first."  

Kent sighed nervously before speaking.   "Melody, from the moment you stepped into my office, I knew there was something special about you.  You changed the course of my life forever.   I wanted to get to know you more and then I saw it. Your fearlessness, but that wasn't what made me fall in love with you. It was your loyalty. Something I learned very quickly that you took seriously. I knew then that I would have a friend for life...    

 I tried so many times to tell you how in love I was with you, but it was just never the right time and then finally our time came and here we are standing before each other exchanging our vows.  I promise you, Melody, I will make you the happiest woman and wife for the rest of our lives."  

"Melody, your turn." 

"I remember that day very clearly. I was intimated by you, but then I got to know the kind and wise person you were and every time you smiled at me, I melted. I just know that we're going to have a wonderful life together, baby."  

  "Grim, your turn to say your vows to Jeanie."
"Jeanie, what can I say that hasn't already been said?  Do you remember the first time in high school? I sat down next to you.  You made fun of my name.  I confronted you, but you were stubborn. I knew then that I was attracted to you. I quickly fell in love with your heart.  I meant it when I say you inspire me and bring out the magic in me, Jeans. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you."  

"Grim, I remember that day very clearly,too.   I had quite the crush on you, but you annoyed me. "  Everyone laughs.        

 "Somehow we became good friends. I knew then that I never wanted to lose you. I never dreamed we'd be standing here confessing our love for each other. I promise to love you always and be loyal to you."  

  "And on that note, do you Grim and Kent take Jeanie and Melody to be your lawful wedded wife forsaking all others? In sickness and health till death do you part?"   

  “I do!”

“You may kiss the brides.”

After kissing, everyone stood up and clapped.   Melody's dad Jake walked up to them.   

"Can you believe it, Livy? Our little girl is married. We'll meet you at the wedding reception, okay?"    Everyone danced well into the night until everyone got tired.  Before they knew it, it was almost seven o clock.  

  "Let's go home, Mrs. Kent Lincoln, Kent whispered into Melody's ear.  

December 25th 

Everyone gathered around the tree.  Grim cleared his throat.   "I know it's Christmas and everyone's excited, but I have an announcement to make.  Today is going to be our last mission.  I think it's time The Powerful Five retire.  I have assigned new jobs for all of you."   

"Grim!" Jeanie exclaimed.  

"I know what you're thinking, Jeans, but trust me when I say this, you're going to be happy.  All of you are.   I think we have enough time to go check it out before we get an alert.  Follow me, please?" Grim instructed.   

 Before they knew what was happening, they were all standing the old building.   "It's the school. You rebuilt it. How?"   

 "I didn't.  I had some old friends do it.  It's no longer called The Wishing Building. It's now called Enchanted.  Since this was your school, Kent, you get the honor of naming the new Headmaster or Headmistress."       

Melody nodded encouragement at her husband,     "Well, I believe this person has proven herself over and over.  I'd be lying if I said I never stopped trusting you because I did. We all did, but then you redeemed yourself. This building will now be Belinda's.  I'll be stepping down from the headmaster position so that I can focus on my growing family," Kent winked at Melody.  

  "What about an advisor, though?" Belinda asked.  

"That's where I come in.  Hello, I'm Clover Moon.  I'll be your advisor for the next year," Clover held out her hand for Belinda to take.   

      "There's one more thing.  Melody, as a Christmas gift, I'm giving you the restaurant.  You are now the proud owner of it."         

Everyone congratulated them both.   Grim spoke again.   "As for Jeanie and I, we're moving out  of the state."    


 "Don't worry, little brother.  It won't be until after Jeanie's birthday.  We're trying to focus on adopting." Grim smiled.  

        Just as Grim finished his speech, an alert buzzed on their phones.    “One more last mission?”

“The Powerful Five!” They all exclaimed in unison.

Melody looked up to see what looked like a teenage girl about to be pushed off a balcony.   “Let her go!” Melody called up to the man.

   “Oh, I don't think so.   My fun is only beginning,” the man taunted the girl.  The tears streaming down her face only amused him more.

     Grim was somehow able to sneak up to the balcony.    He knew he had to be careful as not to startle him. They couldn't take any chance or risk that he might drop the girl.      

  “Let her go.  Let her go and you won't get hurt,” Grim tried to reason with the man.   The man laughed.  

   "You heroes are all the same. Always trying to bargain.  Well, haven't you learned anything from Shawn Paul? That never works."       

While the boys were fighting, Melody shot out her poison, trying her best to aim for the guy.  Once it knocked him out, Melody ran up to Grim.   

   “What's your name?” Melody asked the women.

"Tyler Mays." At the mention of the name, Melody's head bolted up.

    "Yes, I'm Belinda's sister. I have the wooden leg to prove it, too," Tyler smiled, rolling her pant leg to reveal her wooden leg.  "I know I'm the last person she wants to see, but I came here to make amends with her."  

"I'm not the one you should be saying all of this to," Melody's voice was cool.  

The next week was Kent's birthday, so everyone gathered around for his birthday as well as for New Year's Eve.   

    Melody whispered something into Kent's ear.    "Really?  You mean, I'm going to be a daddy?  That's the best birthday gift ever!" Kent smiled before he kissed Melody.      


Two years, later Melody and Kent had twins, Collin, and Tiger and another one on the way.  Jeanie and Grim adopted four girls age 7 5 3 and 1.  Karen, Suzy, Trisha, and Tessa.  What about Belinda you might ask?  

Well, she's happy running the school as she always wanted.  She even won an award for the kindest Headmistress there was.   

Melody looped her arm through Belinda's.    "I think it's time to talk over tea," Melody said to Belinda.  

"I'm in love with Clover," Belinda blurted out.   

Melody laughed.   "It's about time you admitted it, but don't you think you should be telling Clover this or are we going to have a repeat of Kent and me?"   

  "Yeah, Kent was pretty damn slow about admitting his feelings for you, wasn't he?" Belinda smiled mischievously.  

The End

Author's Note:  

I just want to thank everyone who stuck by me with this series and loved reading it as much I loved writing it.  Melody and Kent, Jeanie and Grim aren't gone forever.  This is only goodbye for now. Thank you for the wonderful support you've given me through this series!


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