creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

The Wisher: Final Season Episode#5

Melody plays with her wisher while sitting on a rock  


I know what you're thinking, Advisor, but it won't bring her back. Here, I found this.  I think she'd want you to have it..    (Hands Melody a letter)  



 Do you want to know about my past? When I was a girl my sister had a ski accident that coast her leg and my whole family, even my sister blamed me for it. So if I'm tough and bitter it's because I'm afraid to trust again or at least I was.   

  Until I met you, Melody.  Promise me something? You'll always stay the fearless Melody Marks you are.  You never gave up on me.  Thank you.  



Kent wipes the tears from her eyes  

They're so close as if they're about to kiss  


Mel? Oh-


I'll leave you to it.  Collin, take care of her.   


Always...  Are you okay? Sorry that was a stupid question, wasn't it?  

Melody puts her head on Collin's shoulder...  

Int. Melody eavesdrops on Jeanie and Grim's discussion


Jeans, I have to tell you something.  


What is it, Grim?  


I'm the one that caused that building to collapse! It-it was an accident. I swear, I'd never do anything like that on purpose!  

Melody runs away but at the sound of her footsteps Jeanie and Grim run after her


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