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November 28th  

Once again, the clock struck three and Clover was nowhere to be seen.   "This is the third time that girl has been late! I swear she's going to be the death of me!" Belinda huffed to her friends Melody and Kent.   

"Hmm...  Remind you of anyone, Kent?"Melody teased her friend.  

"Yep, I'd say it's karma," Kent laughed.  

Belinda let out another huff and rolled her eyes. Before she could call to find out what was going on, Clover burst through the door.  

"I know, I know.  I'm late I'm sorry. It won't happen again.  Belinda crossed her arms over her chest.   

"If you don't start taking your duties seriously, I will have no choice but to remove you from this position. It would be quite a loss since you're the best advisor this school has since Melody. "  

"I understand." 

"Now, do you want to tell me what kept you?" Clover looked at Melody and Kent.   Melody jumped and grabbed Kent's hand.  

"Oh, come on, Kent.  I think that's our cue to leave."  

 "Wait... Before you two go...  The Thanksgiving Ball? If you're not hosting dinner, would you please come?"      

 "Well...  We were planning on having our own little feast.

"Please tell me Melody's not cooking. She almost burned down your house last year! Or don't you remember?"    

 "How could I forget?!"  Kent laughed.  

"The invitation is opened to Jeanie and Grim as well," Belinda smiled before sending them on their way.  She turned back to Belinda.   

 "Now..  Where were we? Ah... right...  You were going to tell me about what kept you, right?"  

"If it's quite alright, I'd rather not talk about it."  

"I respect that.  I'll never push you, but sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger about your problems rather than your own friends and family."  

  “But you're not a stranger.”

"Not entirely, no. However, I am still a bit of a stranger to you."  

Clover sighed.   "I was late because my boyfriend was breaking up with me.  I thought to be with him would make me happy."  

"Don't look for your happiness in other people, Advisor.  You're only going to end up disappointed that way. Now, as tradition, it's customary to gift our advisors on their birthdays and today is yours I'm well aware."  

Belinda rummaged through her desk and brought out a small purple ring box.   "I hope you'll enjoy them."  

Clover briefly hesitated before opening them.   "They're four-leaf clover earrings.  Headmistress...  I-thank you."  

"Now..  On to  the next thing.  The Thanksgiving Ball is tonight and I expect you to be there. On-time, Advisor."  

"Yes, Headmistress."  Belinda pressed a button to call someone down to the office.   Five minutes later, Lydia knocked on Belinda's door. 

  "Power Granter? I have a job for you.  Tonight. Keep an eye on Clover... Oh and help her find something snazzy to wear, will ya?"  

Lydia rolled her eyes.   "Of course, my liege.  Come on, Clover. I have just the thing for you.  It's a perfect fit, too."  

     “Power Granter?”


 "You know the rules.  When addressing the staff, you will address them by their titles, not their names." Lydia sighed again and ushered Clover out of there.  

"How did Kent ever do this? I've got two stubborn people on my hands!" Clover may be stubborn, but she sure is intriguing. Belinda thought as she clocked out for the day.    

"How about this little number?" Lydia asked out a beautiful emerald dress.   "It'll go great with those clover earrings."    

"How did you know about that?"  

"I know everything that goes on here. Anyway...   Oh... By the way, I just got a text from Headmistress and she wants you to meet her outside first."  

  "But-it's cold out there!"  

Lydia shrugged.   "Follow me. I'll lead you outside the grounds. The headmistress should be here in a few. Will you be okay?"     Clover nodded.    "Great! I'll see you soon, okay?" Lydia found Belinda dancing with a few of the students.   

   “Where's Clover?”

“How am I supposed to know?!” Lydia snapped.

“Because you were just with her! I'm going to find her-”   Lydia pulled Belinda back into the ballroom before she could get anywhere.   

“What the hell are you doing?”   

   “Stopping you!”

“From what?”

“Saving your precious Advisor!”

"Lydia, let me up! I have to go find her! She could be anywhere."   

"Oh, she's not just anywhere, Headmistress. She's outside. She's under the impression that you wanted to speak to her out there."  

  “What?!! How could you do that?!”

"Oh, very easily.  You see, Clover unlike, Melody is naive.  Gotta admit.. you sure do know how to pick them, Headmistress!"      

"And you're just bitter you didn't get the position!"  

"I'd be careful with your words when I have the power staff in my hands.  It's precious, isn't it? I can end your life  at any time any moment I want, but I think I'll savor this just for a bit."  

Melody stopped dead in her tracks when she spotted Clover out cold on the ground.   

“Clover? Can you hear me?”

  “Oh my God. She's suffering from hypothermia. You get her inside.  I'll go find Belinda," Melody instructed before running off to find her friend.     

When Melody found her, she was tied to a chair and Lydia was standing over her, holding her power staff to her throat.   

"Lydia? What are you doing?  Let her go.  Let her go and you can have me!" Melody blurted out.  

  “What? No!” Belinda shouted.

"Hmm... Though I'm not picky about victims... let me think about it first.. How about no... Belinda got herself in this mess... Now's she's going to pay the consequences."  

"Consequences for what?  For not giving you the advisor job? Well, if I remember correctly, you never deserved that position, anyway!"    

"How dare you?!" Lydia launched at Melody.  While Melody and Lydia were struggling, Belinda tackled Lydia, managing to get the power staff away from her.    

Lydia elbowed Belinda in the face.  Belinda kicked her in the stomach.  She was able to somehow get the power staff back from her. 

 "Say goodbye, Headmistress.  Any famous last words?"  

Lydia held the power stuff over her head. She was just about to strike when Melody jumped in the way of Belinda getting struck.   

"No! Melody!! Melody, wake up."    

Melody jumped up and tackled Lydia to the ground.  Belinda took the power staff away from her and broke it over her knee.  

 "You're going to be escorted off the premises and never allowed back here. Do you understand?  Cruiser?"  

"You rang, Miss?" 

"Escort Miss Lydia out of here, please?" 

"Nothing would give me greater pleasure, Miss," Cruiser winked.   Melody and Belinda ran to each other.  

  “Clover! I've got to find her.”

"Here, drink up," Kent said, handing a cup hot chocolate to Clover.     


"It's okay.  Don't try to talk right now."  

 Melody and Belinda came running through the door. Belinda sat down next to Clover.  

"You're okay. I can't afford to lose you, Advisor."  Clover rolled her eyes but smiled.  

"I think you mean the school can't afford to lose me,"

 Clover teased.  

 "I'm enchanted by you, Clover Moon," Belinda admitted.  Without hesitating, they kissed.  

"Uh... I think we need to get out of here," Melody winked at Belinda.   




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