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Gavin: Hello, Mel! How are you doing?  

Me: I'm always nervous about these interviews.  *Laughs  

Gavin: I understand you just finished The Wisher finale...  May I ask if you're going to write any Powerful Five episodes?  

Me: Oh definitely! Shortly..   

Gavin: Can you tell us about what's to come in the next month?

Me:  Well, first... The finale of Heart of a Cane.  I hope it doesn't disappoint and of course, a new spin-off of The Wisher called Enchanted.   It's going to focus on Belinda and her relationship with Clover.     

Gavin: Speaking of Heart of a Cane, do you see Eleanor and Leigh lasting a happy couple?  

Me:  I do. I mean, think about it.  They're the perfect couple.  Okay, maybe not perfect but I think you catch my drift.   ;)   

Gavin: I do!  Do you have an all-time favorite creation?   

Me: Yes, Melody Marks.  Sometimes I wish I could be as fearless as she is. I have to say though that she's taught me a lot.   

Gavin: How about a least favorite creation?

Me: Surprisingly, no.  I love all of my characters.  Even my villains!   

Gavin: Speaking of villains, Shawn Paul is my favorite...   Do you have a favorite?  

Me: For me, it's a tie between Christopher and Shawn Paul!   

Gavin: What kind of villains are you intrigued by?

Me: I love creepy villains, but I also love them with a heart, too.    

Gavin: Where do you come up with these ideas?

Me: Honestly? I have no idea.  *Laughs.  Sometimes from dreams...    

Gavin: I wanted to congratulate you on 800 views for Lucinda. I have to say that's my favorite play of yours! Where did you get the inspiration for Lucinda?

Me: Originally, Lucinda was going to be a very different concept.  Trey was still going to be an actor but the kidnapper was going to be a social media star. I think I love Lucinda the way it is though.   

Gavin: Can you tell us something that might surprise us?

Me: Sure! In Not So Judgmental, Originally, Cody and Liza were supposed to be the item.  

Gavin: What kind of advice do you have for fellow writers?  

Me:  There will always be someone who doesn't like your work, but please don't let that stop you. If you love to write, write. Don't let anyone stand in your way.   

Gavin: Words of wisdom...  Anymore?  

Me: Be as brave as Jania Gates

      As fearless as Melody Marks

    As fierce as Leigh Harper  

   As sweet as Jeanie Powerful

   And as strong as Lila Cooper  

May you have the loyalty of Grim Lincoln and wisdom of Kent...  

Gavin: Thank you so much, Meli.  Oh before we end this interview..  Who inspires you?  

Me:  My mom.  JK Rowling and Lurlene McDaniel.  


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