creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Enchanted: Part 2

November 29th 

 “Headmistress? You wanted to see me and why did you tell me to dress up- whoa.  What's going on here?”

Belinda whirled her chair around to face Clover and smiled.  

 "Do you like it? I was hoping you would.   You see, you never got a chance to dance at the Thanksgiving Ball, so I thought I would bring the ball to you. May I?" Belinda held out her hand for Clover to take it.      

 Clover graciously accepted.     

"This is so thoughtful.  Thank you, Headmistress."  Belinda and Clover danced for an hour.    

"I don't know about you, but all that dancing has worked up quite an appetite."  

Cruiser pushed the tray of food into the office. 

  "The food you ordered, Miss. I hope it's up to par, and might I say how lovely you two look tonight?" Cruiser winked before dipping out.     

"I hope you like eggnog and pumpkin pie.   I'm sorry it's not a traditional turkey Thanksgiving dinner though."       

"This is lovely. Headmistress?  May I ask you a question?"  


"What's Cruiser's deal?"

 "You mean, you don't know? He's a villain, Advisor.  So  I advise caution around him.  People can claim to change, but it's their actions that prove it."  

Clover spat out her drink.   "I'm sorry. Headmistress says what?"  Belinda smirked a little at Clover's reaction.  

 "One day, I'll tell you the story, but that's for another time.  Is the food to your liking, Advisor? If it's not hot enough, I can have Cruiser-"  

Clover put her hand on top of Belinda's.   "I've never seen you nervous before. It's kind of cute."   


"The food is lovely.  Everything is lovely, Belinda, but you didn't have to go through all of this trouble for me, you know?"      

"You deserve the best and you're worth it."   

Clover leaned in and kissed Belinda's lips.  

 "I still feel bad for everything that happened with Lydia. I thought I could trust her, you know?"    

 "People change and sometimes it's not for the best," Clover said sadly.   After an hour, Belinda and Clover decided it was time to lock up the office.   

"Oh, I meant to tell you...  Good job today.  You have a good instinct when it comes to matching powers."  

"I only hope it'll give Graham confidence...  I'm nervous I overstepped though." Belinda took Clover's hand and led her back to her room.  

  "I'll see you on Monday.  On-time,Advisor!" Belinda winked before waving goodbye.  

Clover was just about to drift off to sleep when her phone buzzed.    Graham:   Hey...  Thanks for tonight. You have an ease about you, Advisor Moon. I'm not very good around other people.  I look forward to working with you for the rest of the school semester.  

Clover:  I trust you're going to do well with this new position,Power Granter.  I have the utmost faith in you! Welcome aboard and congratulations again.  

"I TOLD YOU! YOU CAN TRUST ME!: Cruiser shouted into the phone before hanging up. Curious, Clover got out of bed to go check it out.   Hands-on her hips, Clover called to Cruiser. He spun around to face her.  

"Everything okay, Cruiser?"  

"Yes, Miss Advisor. Nothing to worry about," Cruiser smiled a fake smile.   

"Cut the crap.  What the hell were you doing?"  

“I- was on the phone with a potential job.”

"I find it hard to believe that you would talk to a potential employer that way. So, what's going on here, Cruiser, and I want the truth!"  

   “What? Do you think I would honestly betray Belinda after she gave me this job?”

"He wouldn't, but I would!"  

Before Clover could turn around to put a name to the face, Belinda ran up to her.  

"Advisor, what in the world is going on here- Caden? How? How many lives do you have?!!"  

"I'm helping a friend out, you see."  

"You need to leave this school now, warlock!" Belinda shouted.  

Caden laughed.   

"Is this a joke to you?" 

"Oh, this is no laughing matter, Headmistress. How on earth did you even get to become one? You're a little too hot-tempered.. "    

Noticing that Caden was pulling out a weapon, Clover slowly tipped around his back.   Her four-leaf clover glowed.   

Without hesitating, Caden dragged Belinda away with him.  Clover ran after him, touching her necklace.  

She was finally able to catch up to them.    "Hey, Caden!  If you want to mess with someone, you mess with me!"      "Oh.. don't tempt me... "  

Caden tackled Clover to the ground and straddled her...  He was about to strangle her when Clover used the necklace on him, blinding him.   

      “Headmistress! Are you okay?”  Clover helped Belinda up.  

To be continued...  



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