creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Heart of a Cane: Conclusion

January 6th  

I know I can't move much if I want to get out of here alive, but with each footstep on the ground, it gives me a little hope. I can only pray that Eleanor finds me and rescues me. Why weren't my parents looking for me? I get my mom, but I thought my dad and I are getting close. Where were they? No. I will not give into this.  

Moira wants me dead, but I will not let her do this to me. I will be stronger. I've got to get out of here some way. There's always a way, right? I stop looking for a way out as soon as I hear my name being called. It's Eleanor's voice.  

   I want to call out to her, but I don't. I try to listen closely and carefully. I can hear  her scraping the snow off the ditch I'm in.  If she's doing what I think she's doing, then I'll finally be free at last. I don't know how I managed to stay alive.

 I'm hungry and thirsty.  

Before I know it, Eleanor has jumped down with me.  What is she doing? This is so dangerous. She puts her hands on my shoulders to reassure me.  

    I know we both can't talk, but I want to tell her much I've missed her and how much she means to me. I have so much I want to say to her.  Eleanor hoists me up and out of that ditch. Just like that, I'm free.    

I reach down for Eleanor's hands.  She grabs them and just when she's almost out of the hole, a pair of hands push Eleanor back into it.   

    "Ellie!" I scream.  

I turn around to come face to face with Moira.   "Do you think this is funny? She could die in there!" I manage to get those words out before I collapse.  

  When I wake up, I'm in a hospital room.   I blink my eyes, hoping that this was all just a dream. Something doesn't feel right and I feel empty. I try to sit up, but my dad gently pushes me back down. I know he's about to deliver bad news to me.  

  "Dad? Where's Ellie?" I ask, but I fear I already know the answer. My dad just takes my hand and shakes his head. He puts Bob on the bed with me. I lift him and put him across my lap.  Memories of Eleanor run through my head. 

   "I'm so sorry, Leigh. They tried everything, but it was too late.  It's likely she hit her head and lost a lot of blood. It's a miracle that you're even alive.  Eleanor died a hero, you know?" Dad kisses my forehead.   


"Yes, Leigh?" 

"I want to do something in honor of Eleanor. What do you think of opening an art gallery in her name and the proceeds can go to kidnapped victims and disease foundations?"  

"I think that's a lovely idea, and I have no doubt Eleanor would be very proud of you,"  Dad pats my hands as we both look out the window.    


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