creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Broken Heart

I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business when the guy I couldn't stand started teasing me. Hoping he would get the message, I turned around and glared at me, but nope he just didn't get it. He just kept going.  

  He's never talked to me before today and I didn't like him. I found him obnoxious which is part of the reason I didn't like him. One day, for some reason I decided to befriend him. Turns out he was sweet or so I thought or that's what he wanted me to believe.   

 Fast forward to a few months later, I meet his girlfriend and lo and behold his girlfriend is my friend.  Now, this girl was not nice, but that's a story for another day.  

   Anyway, the guy and I become good friends. We talked on the phone almost every day, but things aren't always so rosy. We were always fighting over stupid little things. He constantly called me his best friend as I called him mine, but I honestly have and had a doubt about me being his best friend.  

   When we hung around his other friends, he would ignore me and embarrass me which I go into detail about that.   

   There was this one particular incident where we were arguing and I thought he was going to hit me. When I confronted him about it, he said he wasn't, He just wanted to scare me. What?  

  Each time, I tried to end the friendship, he would guilt trip me into staying his friend. I could never do anything right, I was always in the wrong.  

    Whenever I needed to talk to him, he was never around, but if I didn't have the time to talk to him he'd get mad at me.   

   The last straw?  That was when I realized he only ever talked to me when he wanted or needed something.   

  We have since talked and I have confronted him about this. We're okay, but now but we don' talk as much it's probably for the best anyway.   


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