creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Creepy: Chapter 3

Master turned Cherry's face toward the camera. Of course, she didn't like him touching her face, but she couldn't risk setting him off for any reason whatsoever.     

"I don't want to do this!" Cherry said, but as soon as the words were out of her mouth, she regretted them instantly.     

    "Well, that's just too bad, isn't it?  As long as you're under my roof, you'll do what I tell you."  

"Fine.  I'll do what you tell me."

"Good.  If you're a good girl, I may just let you go."  

“Why can't you just let me go now?”

“Because I need something from you. Just be glad I'm a kind master.”

“Kind?” Cherry nearly choked.  

“I've been good to you!” Master spat at Cherry.  

Cherry rolled her eyes, but that was a mistake.  

"You know the rules. No talking back or rolling your eyes. Now you must be punished for that! Follow me. Now!"   

"Where- where are you taking me?"

"Back to the cellar." 

“But I don't want to go backdown there.”

“Shut up! You should have thought about that before rolling your eyes. Now get in there!”

Master pushed Cherry into her prison.  

  Cherry tripped over a rug. She screamed. She didn't want to be down here. It was creepy and eerily dark and silent down here. &nb

How long was he going to leave her down here? She wondered out loud to herself.  


After an hour, Master finally came back to get Cherry.   “Are you going to be a good girl now?”  

"Good. If this happens again, I will leave you down here for two hours.  Do you understand? I said do you understand?"  

   Cherry nodded.   
“Yes, Master. I understand.”

"Now, put this mask on. I don't need someone recognizing you and ruining everything for me."  

“What? What do you want me to do?”

“You're going to sing for me today.”   

Knowing she had no choice, Cherry took the microphone from her master. Taking a deep breath, she began to sing. When she was done, Master turned off the camera.     

 "Good girl.  You're going to make me a lot of money and if you don't, consequences will be dire. Do I make myself clear?"  

  Tears streamed down Cherry's face.  Master wiped her tears with his thumb.  

"Everything will be okay as long as you obey,"  Master reassured her before exiting the room and locking Cherry in behind him.  


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