creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Magic Moments

"Just watch and learn," Grim instructed Jeanie he worked his hands and wand to show Jeanie his magic. Jeanie was awestruck but terrified at the same time. Grim placed the wand in Jeanie's hand carefully.  

   “Now it's your turn.”

"No, no. I don't think I could do any of that. Even if I tried."

 "Come, don't sell yourself. I believe in you and you just need to believe in yourself, too, Jeans. At least try it. What if you need to rescue someone one day?"  

"Trust me. No one is going to want to me for their hero," Jeanie laughed.  

“What kind of B.S is your boyfriend feeding you?”]

“Excuse me?”

“Is he the one making you doubt yourself?”

"My personal life is off-limits to you, Grim."  

“I'm just concerned about you is all,” Grim sighed.

"Well, don't be." Grim brought a punching bag.  "Punch this. Just do it. You'll feel  better."

 Jeanie shrugged and decided to trust Grim, hoping she wasn't going to regret it later.  Just as Jeanie started punching the bag, a beeping sound went off.   

“You're getting to watch me in action today.”

“How exciting!” Jeanie said sarcastically

“Hope you don't regret that sarcasm' later.”

Of course, they had to enter the store quietly and cautiously as not to distract attention.  

 "What's going on?" Grim communicated his magic for telepathy.  

 “He just came in with a weapon and held up.”

Jeanie and Grim turned to face captor. Jeanie gasped when she realized Ray was the culprit behind the hold-up.  

   “You!” They both spoke to each other.


"Ray, what are you doing?"  

"You made me do this, Jeanie!" 


"Take responsibility for your actions!" Grim shouted angrily, tackling Ray to the ground.  "Jeans! Call for back up!"  

Back at Grim's. Jeanie paced back and forth.  It all just felt like a dream to her, She couldn't believe it. She was shaking, but she was free of Ray she wondered.     

 "Jeans, you need to calm down. Nothing is going to happen to you."  

“My boyfriend just held up a store!”

"Yeah, and he also blamed you! You can't possibly think any of this is your fault."  

"I do. If I had been a better girlfriend, maybe he wouldn't have done it."  

"He would've done it anyway, Jeans. Anyway, I highly doubt you were a bad girlfriend. He was a bad boyfriend for you. He abused you! None of what's happened to you is your fault."  

  “Do you want to train some more?” Grim handed Jeanie a water bottle.

“I could hit the punching bag right now.”


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