creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Be Nice

What if your library books came to life after being rough with them? Would it be amused or terrified? Of course, some people think the fine is punishment enough.   

 This story is about little Suzy, who never good with books. Will she finally learn her lesson or she will continue to abuse them?      "Suzy! Come on! We're  going to be late for storytime!" Suzy's mom yelled at her daughter. Suzy groaned, "I don't want to!"        "Come on. You'll have fun and you're going to learn how to properly take care of your books." Suzy groaned once again and followed her mother to the car.  

 Once at the library and after storytime,Suzy begged her mom to let her pick out a few books.  

"Fine. Just remember the rules! Be nice to the books!" Suzy's mother gave in, not caring who overheard the conversation.  

   Back at home, Suzy's mom had some housework to do.  After a few hours of housework,Suzy's mom decided that Suzy was too quiet so she went to go check on her daughter, and oh my did she get a surprise.  

     The book's pages were torn out and the books had colored pencils and crayons all over them, but that wasn't the scary part for them; the book was now moving and talking on its own.  

 Suzy screamed and hid behind her mother. Suzy's mother reached out to Suzy protectively, doing her best to protect her daughter from this scary incident.  

   "You were warned, little girl." "She's sorry! She didn't mean to!  

"The apology has to come from her! Apologize, lady girl!"  

Suzy screamed again.  “I'm sorry!”

 "I' ll accept your apology, little girl and let you off the hook, but just remember always be nice to your books."  


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