creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Irish Hearts

After a year of being away from Ireland, Ana finally decided to return to her hometown, Dublin Ireland.  That's where the heart has always been.  

  It was going to be the start of her new life, she though. She had so many plans dreams while being back home. One of the main goals? Get married and start a family.    

Of course, she had planned on visiting her family, but her relationship was a bit rocky, to say the least.  She wasn't going to let them ruin her happiness though.  

  She didn't think anything could ruin happiness. That was until one day, Ana missing horseback riding. decided she wanted to go for a ride.  

   If only her fortune could have been foretold to her that day. Then perhaps maybe she would have stayed home, or maybe she wouldn't have. Who knows?      As she was riding, something unseen spooked the hose, throwing her off him and causing a nasty fall. She landed on her arm.  

     As she lay for there what seemed like hours, she didn't think anyone would find her but just as she was about to give up, her guidance angel appeared out of nowhere.  She was grateful and happy to finally not have been left alone anymore,  

  “Ma'am,are you alright?”  Her guardian angel asked.

She tried to speak,but once her guardian angel realized what was happening, he told her not to speak and that she'd her home and tip-top shape in no time.  He carried her back to his home, Once at home, he gently placed her on his sofa.  

    Feeling safe and comfortable now, after being taken care, Ana fell asleep and didn't wake up until the next morning.  

    “Top O' the morning to you! I've brought you food!” Her guardian angel said to her in a thicker brogue than what she remembered last night.

     “How long before I can go home?”

He smiled.   "Soon, my darling. Soon, but we have to get you in better shape before that happens."   Ana didn't like the way he said that. It gave her the chills.   


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