creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Creepy: Chapter 4

Cherry knew if she wanted to get out of here, she would have no choice to obey Master and play by his rules. She'd play his little game, alright.  

Master unlocked the door to Cherry's room to bring her food. Cherry looked into his face. If she wanted out of here, she was going to have to appeal to his human nature.  "Exhausting holding a prisoner hostage, isn't it?     

"What did I tell you about the backtalk, Cherry?"  

"You don't scare me!"

"Well, I should.  There are multiple things I can do to you that I just haven't yet."  

"Oh, spare me. You're a coward!" 

"Tell me, Cherry. If you hate it here so much, why then haven't you tried to escape? You're not handcuffed at the moment."  

"You think that I'm a fool, but I know that you probably have cameras all over this place, watching my every move."  </p>  Master grinned eerily at her.   

"Very good. I've noticed that no one has been looking for you, Cherry and because you're a loner, you'll be stuck here with me for the rest of your life."  </p>

  “Mark my words. I will find a way out of here.”

"Be my gust and just try, but just know that if you're caught, you'll be punished. Trust me when I say I'll take great pleasure in that,"

Master laughed, before shutting and locking the door behind him.   


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