creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Creepy: Chapter 5

Cherry was finally going to make her move tonight.  To get him angry enough, she had to pretend to mess up. She was a bit nervous, but also confident. After spending four months with him, she studied his moves.  

  Boy oh boy, was he in for a rude awakening tonight. Cherry grinned just thinking about how she was going to be free in just a matter of hours tonight.  

  Master unlocked the door to bring Cherry her breakfast. 

  "Good morning, Cherry," Master said cheerfully, catching Cherry off guard.   

"What is that?" She asked pointing the bowl of what looked like oatmeal.  

   "Why, it's your breakfast, of course!" Master smirked creepily.  Cherry folded her arms and gathered up all her courage for what she was about to do next. 

  "I won't eat it!" She threw the food to the floor, causing quite a mess.  Master tackled her to the ground and pinned her arms down.   

"You're going to have to be taught another lesson, it seems."    Master tried to pull Cherry up, but she was able to resist with all of her might.  

"You know, the sooner you cooperate, the sooner your punishment will be over," Master spat at Cherry.  

  Something came over Cherry and this time, she was able to tackle Master and pin him to the ground.  His eyes were filled with fear, wonder and then realization.  Cherry purposefully stepped on his foot and when he let out that scream, she gave a triumphant grin.  

"You thought you had me right where you wanted me, but you didn't."  

  "I- I don't understand."

"I always knew you were going to take me, but to fully catch you in the act, I had to convince you I was one of your many victims. I played the role of your victim."  

 "Bravo. What a performance!"  You're just forgetting one thing, Cherry.  There are no wires on you. So please tell me how do you expect me to believe you played me just for undercover work?"    

"In your excitement of catching me, you forgot to check the house for bugs.."  As if on cue, there was a knock on the door.   "Open up! Police!"  

  Master yanked the door open.   "Dayton Pierce?  You're under arrest for the multiple kidnappings..." They read him his Miranda rights. 

   Before they could leave, Cherry stepped in front of him and grinned.   Looking him in the eye, she said, "Checkmate. Game over. I win.  Never forget, Master. I'm the queen of these kinds of things.  Take him away! I'm sick of looking at him."  

   Once they were gone, Cherry rushed to pack her things and get out of there.   She needed to be around people. She didn't want to be alone.  She'll go to her favorite soda bar, she thought.   


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