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"What are we going to do, Kent?  She doesn't remember a thing,"  Melody took a water bottle out of the refrigerator and handed it to her son, Collin.  

 "I think  it might be time I get Grim involved again." Melody gave Kent a skeptical look.  

 "No offense, but how exactly is that going to work? Look, I know he's a wizard and all, but you don't think we're better off with doctors, Kent?"  

"You heard d all of the doctors, Melody.  They won't help us," Kent plopped down across the table from Melody as she cut the vegetables for dinner.    

"They didn't say that," Melody rolled her eyes before taking a breath continuing.

  "Look, I'm concerned about her, too, Kent.  I just think we need to go by the rules on this one."

    "The rules?  Melody, what's going on? Since when does the fearless Melody ever care about the rules?"  

  "I'm just scared.  What if we can't help her, Kent?"   

"Don't say that. This is going to work it has to.  I'm sure of that."

 There was a knock on the door, interrupting their conversation.  Kent led Grim over to Belinda while he explained what was going on with her.  

    Each time Grim tried to put his hand on Belinda's hand to reverse the curse, there was a shock, throwing him backward.   

"That should not be happening. What on earth is going on here?" 

 A thought occurred to Melody and Kent.   "It's Shawn Paul," they both concluded in unison.  

  "That's right it was me."  They all turned to come face to face with Shawn Paul, standing there with  his staff in his hand,looking more evil than ever.  


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