creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Timeless Love

"Heidi, you need to leave before I call the cops!" I confront her as I cross my arms over my chest.  She snickers.

 "You think I'm afraid of the cops? I'm not."  While I'm busy dealing with her, I feel safe because I know Libby is actually inside calling them.   

"Besides, you're not going to call them. You know why? Because you're too much of a coward to face me!"    

"I can and I will.  You're trespassing, Heidi, and are you drunk right now or something?" Heidi sighed and rolled eyes.   

"What, can't I just hash It with my ex while sober?  I promise you I'm one hindered percent sober, Tulip."  

  "You had your chance to hash it with me, but you blew it.  I'm asking you nicely to please leave. Get off my property."  

   It wasn't long before the cops showed up.  While she is dragging her away, another one is approaching me and Libby.   "She wasn't drunk was she? I'm only concerned because I think she was driving?" I nod over to her Silverado.    

    "She didn't appear to me, but there's something you should know.  We found a baseball bat in her trunk. Does she have kids?"  

  "No, and she doesn't play sports either.  I'm afraid to ask, but what do you think she was going to do with that?"      

"Not to scare you, Tulip, but I'm almost positive she was going to try and insult you, using that bat as a weapon."      

"Oh my God!" I collapse in shock into Libby's arms.  She's now, stroking my hair trying desperately to calm me down.  

"Everything's going to be okay.  I vow to protect you at all costs," Libby kissed and then stroked my cheek.  


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