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"All hero dogs! We're calling all hero dogs.  Line up and take your place! We need to do a headcount right now!"  

  All the dogs came running to their commander and leader on demand.  "Alright, listen up.  I have a mission specifically for Cutie!"  

   The others groaned.   "You're being assigned to a lonely woman."  

"A woman?"

"Yes, a woman.  You don't have a problem with that.  Do you, Cutie?"  

"No, of course not, Commander." 

“I didn't think so.”

“Good your human will be here shortly.”

Shortly and sure enough, Cutie's human arrived.   She had spiky black hair and wore ripped jeans. She also wore a lot of earrings.   Cutie ran right into her arms and the woman laughed.   "My, you're a very trusting dog, aren't you?  You're Cutie, huh? Well, I'm Ivory and it's very nice to meet you."  

A man cleared his throat, causing Ivory to jump a little.   "Hello, Miss.  I'm S and I'm afraid that there's been a misunderstanding. This dog is off-limits."    "Off-limits?"  

Ivory looked down at Cutie to see him cowering.  S bent down to try and pet him, but he ran and hid.  Ivory had no fear of confronting this seemingly abusive man.    "This poor dog is afraid of you! I'm taking him home!"     "You cannot just take my dog!"  

"Watch me.  I'm turning you in for animal cruelty!"  Just as Ivory was about to leave, S pulls her back in by her hair.    "No one threatens to take my dog and you're going to have to pay for that!"  


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