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Enchanted: Finale

They all turned to come face to face with Shawn Paul, holding his stand in his and looking more evil than ever. "

You did and, and now you're going to fix this!" Melody said to Shawn Paul. He grinned and picked up the staff.  

"I have better things to do,"

Shawn Paul reversed the curse and then struck Melody with his staff, causing Melody to collapse and hit her head.  

"Melody!" Grim and Kent ran over to Melody.  

"Melody, wake up! Why isn't she waking up?" Kent tried to CPR on her. While Kent was busy trying to save Melody's life, Grim fought Shawn Paul. Kent stood up.  

"She's gone," Kent sobbed. Jeanie and Grim ran over to Kent to comfort him.  

At the funeral, Kent stood in front of everyone. This was his new reality without Melody, without his better half how was he supposed to go on?

"Thank you, everyone. Thank you for coming. Melody would be so pleased to know that she was loved. I believe Belinda's going to read a poem before we lay Melody to rest."  

Belinda stood up and looked around. Her best friend. The friend that had been so loyal to her for years was really  gone. She never told Melody she was her best friend. Belinda sniffled and took the poem of her pocket and began reading.  

“When you think of me

Don't think of all that could be

Think of all the laughter

And happily ever after  

When you think of me

Thinking of when we first met

On you, my heart was set  

When you think of me

Don't be sad

Please don't be mad

When you think of me

Please smile

Because we'll meet again even if it takes a while  

When you think of me

Remember out insides jokes  

Be kind to your folks

When you think of me

Remember I was fearless

And that I'm someone to miss  

Think of me

And never let our memories be “

"Rest in peace, my love," Kent whispered. Belinda put a hand on Kent's shoulder and he patted her. They hugged each for a long time.  

"Melody loved you so much, Belinda. I hope you know that."  

“I do know that,” Belinda sniffled.


Five Years Later

Clover helped Belinda pack up her stuff.  "Are you sure this is what you want to do? I mean, moving away. It's a big step, Belinda."  Belinda sighed.    

"There are just too many memories here for me, Clover."  

"Memories of Melody, you mean?"  

"You're not going to tell me, to move on, too?"  

"No. Melody was your best friend and you're allowed to grieve for however as long as you need. There is no time table on grief, Belinda."  

"I wish other people got that, you know? Sometimes I wake up and go to call Melody and then I remember.."  Belinda sat down and sobbed. Clover ran over to Belinda to comfort her.  

Someone else does. Kent and their kids.”  Belinda nodded and put her head on Clover's shoulder.  

After packing up, Belinda told Clover she'd meet her at home. She just had a stop to make.  

Belinda sat in front of Melody's tombstone.   "Well, Melody. I'm finally going to do it. I'm finally going to propose to Clover. You'd be so thrilled for us. I miss you. I'm angry at you for leaving us, but mostly I'm angry at myself for never telling you how much you meant to me."  

She knew,” A voice said from behind.  Belinda turned around to see Jeanie standing with her arms folded.   “I should go-”  Jeanie put a comforting hand on Belinda's arm.   

A few weeks later, Belinda had decided it was time to do what she told Melody she was going to do. It was time to propose to Clover.  So she made a beautiful and romantic dinner for her.  

"So what's the occasion? I mean, it's nice, but you hardly ever have the time to cook."  

Belinda smiled.  "Now that I'm retired, I'll have more time to make you nice meals like this, but there's something I need and want to ask you right now."  Belinda got down on one knee and Clover gasped.  

"Clover Moon, I'm enchanted by you. I'll always be enchanted by you and your inner and outside beautify forever and always. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. What do you say, marry me?"  

"Yes. Yes, I will marry you, Belinda. I promise I'll make you the happiest woman on earth."  

You already do!”


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