creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Magic Moments: Finale

"Alright, Team. We have a village to save.  Rose, you know what to do. Fly over there and we'll meet you.   Mason, meet us over there and Jeanie and Tiger, you're with me," Grim instructed everyone. 

As soon as Grim was done giving instructions, they split up and ran until Jeanie's knees gave out on her and she collapsed.  

   Grim and Tiger helped her back up. They continued walking for what seemed like forever until they heard a growl.

   "What was that?" Tiger asked.   Tiger ran behind a tree. 

  "Really? You're not afraid of a little wolf, are you?" Grim rolled his eyes.  

  "Little.  Have you seen how humongous werewolves are, Grim? Trust me, it's nothing to sneeze at it." Grim pulled Tiger out from behind three.   

"If you want to be a hero, Tiger, you have to face your fears."     

"Oh alright, but I don't have very much confidence in myself to be able to do that," Tiger snapped at Grim.  

   “I do. I have confidence in you, I mean,” Jeanie smiled at Tiger.  There went that feeling of her heart being pierced with a knife once again.   

     They finally reached their detestation. They stopped in their tracks when they saw a werewolf on top of a boy. Just as he was about to bit him, Jeanie shouted for something silver.  Grim threw a silver necklace at Jeanie and she stopped the werewolves paw, causing him to let of the boy and fight with Jeanie now.  

    Mason, seeing that his sister was struggling, he ran over to her. A werewolf called Cruiser took a large bite out of Mason's neck.  Jeanie screamed and ran over to her brother. 

  "Mason!" Before she could properly check him out, someone grabbed her by her hair, dragging her backward. Jeanie looked up and recognized the man with long black hair.  He straddled her. Just as he was choking her, Tiger took a tree branch and knocked him off her.  

   “Are you okay?”

"Yes. I think so.  Thanks for saving me."   Without thinking, Jeanie hugged Tiger.  He stroked her hair. 

 "Sorry, I"m just grateful."  

"I hate to interrupt this moment, but our fight isn't over yet." Shawn Paul grabbed Jeanie by the neck with his staff.  

       Tiger ran to Mason to heal the wound.   "Grim, take care of Shawn Paul, I'll deal with Cruiser over here."          

Grim waved his wand to throw magic at Shawn Paul.  This caused Shawn Paul to become weak and fall to his knees. Grim ran over to Jeanie and Tiger. 

 "Are you guys okay?"  Just as they were about to walk back, the werewolf jumped on Mason's back.  He took one of a bit of him.  Jeanie ran toward Mason as Rose chased the wolf away.   

   "The wound is too severe. I can't heal it this time," Tiger said.  Jeanie collapsed into Grim's arms.     

Mason sputtered and coughed.  "Jeanie?"  Jeanie flew out of Grim's arms and knelt to Mason.  "You're going to be okay. We're going to get you help."  

"No, Jeanie. I don't want help. I want to go.  It's my time.  I wish we could have gotten to know each other more, but please continue to be the feisty person you are. Make people fall in love with you the way I know you can. Become the greatest superhero," Mason coughed again and closed his eyes for the very last time.  

    Back at home, Grim paced back and forth.   “We lost Mason. This is my fault. I should have been a better and stricter leader.”

   "You know, Grim. Maybe this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't invited him  into this world of yours and don't you dare say it's my world, too!" Jeanie stomped off.  Rose followed Jeanie outside.  Tiger put his hand on Grim's shoulder. 

  "She is just grieving  Why don't you give your brother a call? I think you could use his wisdom right about now."

 So, that's what Grim did. He called Kent to come over as soon as possible.   

"Okay, Grim. Spit out. What do you need?"  

“I need you to get through to Jeanie.”

"Grim, I can't do that. You have to let Jeanie grieve however she sees fit. Now, I can be a friend to her, but that's all."       


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