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Cutie growled and pulled at S's pants.   S screamed and turned on the dog.  "What is wrong with you?!" Ivory scooped up the dog and ran out of there.  "I'm probably going to get in trouble for this, but I just couldn't let him harm you."  

Ivory patted the dog's head.   "You also saved my life.  We'll have to get you some treats and toys, right?"  

   Cutie barked and Ivory laughed.   "We're going to be lifelong friends, aren't we?" As soon as Ivory got home, she made a few phone calls and then decided to call her best friend.    

  "Hi, Aurora? I need your help with something. I did a thing and it most certainly was not a smart thing."  

  “Oh God.  You're dragging me into your schemes again? Ivory!  What have you done this time?”

“Just came over and I'll show you!”

“Be there in ten!” Aurora said and hung up the phone.    

Aurora knocked on the door.  She was shocked when Cutie greeted her.   "For crying out loud, Ivory. Did you steal this dog?"  

 "No, I rescued him.  His owner was a cruel man,"  

"I get what you were trying to do, but-"  

“You can lecture me later.  I told the man I was going to turn him in for animal cruelty.  This poor dog was scared of him and honestly, I was too.  He would have attacked me if Cutie hadn't saved me!”

“What?  Alright.  I'll make some calls.  You watch this dog.  I promise you we're going to figure this out.”


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