creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

A Golden Star (Daniel Radcliffe fanfic)

I jumped as  I felt someone put their hands on my shoulder. I turned around.     

"Oh, Dan.  It's just you." I said relieved that it wasn't our creepy director.  Dan gave me a quizzical look, but I shooed it away with my hand.    

" O...kay... Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you."  

“Congratulate me? On what?” I asked confused.

"You mean you don't know, do you?" 

“Know what?”

"Your play.  It hit 5,000 views today.  That's huge, Sunflower. "   Yes, my name is Sunflower, but most everyone just calls me Sunny except for Dan that is.   I quite liked that I had to be honest.   

“Oh.. wow..  That's amazing, I guess.”

“You guess?  You're a brilliant writer! You should be proud of yourself!”

"He's right, you know?" I groaned the sound of our creepy director's voice.    "Dan, do you mind giving us a moment alone?"  

"Sure, Mr. Figs."   I wanted to beg Dan not to go, but he couldn't protect me, could he? That was up to me.    

I tried to make an excuse to leave, but he stepped in front of me.     

"Oh, no you don't.  I haven't forgotten about our conversation last night."  He took a strand of my hair in his hand, twirling it around his finger, making me uncomfortable. I tried to struggle away from him, but that seemed to set him off.  He pushed me against the wall and leaned in close to me.   

He whispered into my ear.    "I made you, Sunny and I can unmake you. I brought you fame, didn't I? As long as you work for me, you are mine."  

“You are a disgusting pig!” I shouted.   

He held me tighter against the wall.    “I would be very careful with how you speak to me from now.   Understood?”

When I didn't answer, he pulled my hair.   "Yes, Director.  It's clear."   He let go of me and walked out of the room happy.  I slid to the floor.   

I couldn't let him get away this creepy behavior and I sure as hell wasn't going to.  I was finally going to fight back.  


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