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Sydney placed a comforting hand on Olive's shoulder.  

 "I-I don't know about this. Maybe we just go home and forget all about us." 

   "Hold up. Not so fast.  You have to learn to speak up, Olive.  You can't just keep letting people walk all over you like this."  

   "Oh, yes, I can."  

"Come on, Olive. You've faced scarier things than this."    

Olive sighed.  She knew there was no use in arguing with Syd. She would every time, didn't she? How did they get here and how did she let this happen?"  

  A boy with blond hair and brown cleared his throat.   "You said you wanted to talk, right? So talk and let's get this over with."       

"Have you been bullying her?"  

“I mean she's a dyk-  

“Watch it.  Watch your mouth.  I believe you her an apology.”

The boy snickered.   "Why should I apologize to a coward? I have no respect for cowards!" Sydney grabbed the boy by his collar.   

"You know who the real coward is? You! Now apologize to her!"  "Or else what?"  

“Or else I'm going to make you regret it!”

“Is that a threat?”

“It's a promise!”


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