creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Cherry's Revenge: Chapter One

Cherry sighed in frustration. She was growing tired of this cat and mouse game.  It had been months and  Dayton Pierce or Master had been released on good behavior. Of course, she knew she couldn't sleep until she got him and he was put away again.  There was no way he wasn't going to go back to his old ways.  

   Her suspicions were confirmed when reports had come in about a twenty-year-old girl.  After Cherry, he starting giving his victims names of food or similar to it.  

Master grabbed a hand full of her hair.   "I asked you a question, peasant. When I ask you a question, what do you do?"  

 Silence.  Alright.  It looked like he was going to have to teach her a lesson. Of course, he didn't mind that so much as he loved punishing his hostages. He grabbed her wrists.   "Please.  Let me go, please. I won't tell anyone about this."  

  "You're darn right, and do you know why you won't, Reese?"  

“That's not my name. “

Smack on the wrist.   "That's the name you were given and it's one of the only two times you will answer. Do I make myself clear? I said do I make myself clear?" Reese nodded, but Master was not satisfied by that response.  Another slap on the wrist  

.    “Please. Stop.  You're hurting me!”   

"Do you think I like hurting you? I don't," Master lied.   He brought her wrists together and tried to tie them, but it was difficult with her struggling,  "Stop it.  Stop struggling.  If you think you have something to cry about, you haven't seen anything yet."  

Reese calmed down for a brief moment.  Master took her face in his hands.   "Now back to my question. Do you know why you won't tell anyone about me?"  


“I asked you a question.”

"No, sir. I don't."  

"Because, my little flower, they will not believe you. Yes, it's true... I was stupid before, but this time I'm going to take every precaution I can. You will still film for me of course, but while you're filming my voice will not be heard."  

“If I refuse?”

"If you refuse, you will be in big trouble. So you better not try it because you don't want to know what happens if you disobey me.  Clear?"  

Reese nodded.  Master smiled and tightened the ropes on Reese's wrists before exiting the room.  


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