creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Underbed Witch

Cora stood admiring her handiwork. She just hung up her new paintings and drawings. Her dad always said she was a great artist, her mom, on the other hand, was never supportive of anything she wanted to do in life.   

 She longed for adventure and something  exciting to happen.   Just as she was about to leave her room, she felt hands on her legs and she screamed as she was dragged under her bed.  She closed her eyes, hoping that this would be over soon and then everything went dark  

A splash of water and a piercing laugh brought her Cora back.  A witch was leaning over her.  "Welcome to my humble abode. I think you and I are going to have  a lot of fun together, don't you?"  

Cora tried to struggle.    The witch held her firmly in place.   "Now, my dear child.  I don't like it when my victims struggle.  There are rules you have to abide by.  The very first rule is that you will always address me as Enchantress or Sorceress.  Understood?"  

Cora didn't respond.    "In the future, my dear sweet, Cora, when you are asked a question, you will answer:  "Yes, Enchantress, Mistress, or Sorceress."    

"Yes.. yes, Enchantress."  

"Very good. You're a quick learner, I see. Obey me and you will be rewarded, but disobey and you will be punished."  

"Yes, Enchantress, I understand." 

"Good.  I'll leave you alone to mull over what's happening.  I'm going to be nice and give you  time to accept that this is your fate now," Enchantress smiled before shutting the door, leaving a panicked Cora behind.   


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