creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Vampire Vlad

Season One  

Pilot Episode  

Vladimir circles around his victim. She is tied securely to a chair. She wasn't getting any out of there anytime soon. He touches her face and slides his finger down to her neck.


What's your blood type, my darling?  

When there's no response, Vlad leans in closer, trying to intimidate his victim,   


I asked you a question and when I ask a question, it gets answered. Do you understand me? Now. I will ask you two questions. One: What is your name and two:  What is your blood type, my darling?  


My name... It's Martina and I'm O positive.  


Excellent.  I'll be with you in just a moment. Stay put...   

Martina struggles to get out of the chair. She is so busy trying to free herself, she doesn't see Vlad come back into the room.  


It looks like someone has been a bad girl. Now she'll have to pay for it.  (Vlad take Martin's face in her hands and turns her head)

Martina screams as the vampire bites her neck  


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