creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Cherry's Revenge:Chapter Two

Reese knew she only had a certain amount of time to try and escape these ropes and this place.  She wasn't going to get stuck here. She startled struggling and wiggling but stopped the moment she heard Master turn the key to her door.  

 Master stood staring down at her wrists.   “I see someone was a bad girl. Did you try wiggling out of my masterpiece?” Master smirked.  There was no way he was going to let her get away with that. He untied her.  

    He pulled her up by her hair.    “Ouch! Please let me go!  Why are you doing this?”  Master sighed.

"It seems someone has forgotten the rules. This will give me great pleasure, however, it will give you an immense amount of pain."  

   “No! Please don't!”

Master took a ruler.    "Hold out your hand, peasant!  I said do it!"  Master smacked the ruler across her hand.  Reese screamed.   "Now, what are the rules.  Get one wrong and your hand will receive a lot more punishment than that and I don't think you want me to damage those talented hands of yours, do you?"  


“No what?”

"No, sir."  

“Good. That's a start. You are as feisty as Cherry.”  

Reese's lips curved into a smile, but that only earned her another a smack on her hand.  

"Let's get a few things straight again.  Rule number 1:  You will always address me as  Master or Sir.  2: Only speak when spoken to.  3:  I control you.  That means you don't speak, smile or eat unless say I say. Do you understand?"  

  "Yes, yes, Master."  

“Good girl.”

“Master? Permission to ask a question?”

“Permission granted.”

"Why are you doing this, Master?" 

"Why do I do anything? Because it's fun.  Now.  As you were a good girl, I'm going to untie your hands, but I'm going to lock you back in here.  I will be back at dinner time.  Understood?"  

"Yes, Master."  


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